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The following is a list of
companies who create, sell or distribute MLM Magazines.

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Company Name: Asian Networkers
Pilli Safin
150 Corporate Center
Panay Avene , Brgy. South Triangle
Quezon City, Manila
Phone: (632) 376-9500
Email: organizer@asiannetworkers.com
Specialty: Print


Description: The Asian Networkers Magazine Editor/Publisher Would like to Invite All MLM and Direct Sales companies to be part of this Publication to bring about a revolution in the Direct Sales and MLM industry in Asia. Asian Networkers Magazine is Owned and Managed by the World of Professionals. Co. Ltd. We are the only magazine in Asia for the MLM and Direct sales industry, the Magazine has been created to provide credibility and more awareness to an industry that the general public know little about, this is the reason it is often called the hidden industry. What does this mean for you? Well, what it comes down to is that you have a very high quality and informative magazine that represents the industry your in, gone are the days when you stumble on explaining what industry or profession you belong to when under attach from someone who thinks they know all they need to know about the industry after spending time reading the anti MLM website the night before. Now you will have something in your hands that will be able to inform your potential prospects about the merits of the industry and show the rest of the world on how good the Network marketing industry can transform lives. Get hold of your Asian Networkers Magazine NOW.

Company Name: Big Al's Fortune Now
Tom Schreiter
United States
Phone: (281) 280-9800
Specialty: Management, Marketing, Training, Print
Description: Training and very humorous newsletter geared to mlm'ers

Company Name: Direct Selling News
200 Swisher Road
Lake Dallas, Texas 75065
United States
Phone: (877) 282-5354
Description: Direct Selling News, written and published by industry veterans, is a bi-monthly magazine that was introduced in September 2004. Written and published by experienced industry veterans, Direct Selling News features news and insights designed to help direct selling and network marketing companies' top decision makers grow and manage their businesses. Each issue of Direct Selling News features headlines from around the globe that shape and shift the dynamics of the industry, updated regularly and available on both our main page and in our Making Headlines section. Perspectives and Innovations offers exclusive, unparalleled insight from respected business leaders and peers on how these and other contemporary issues are impacting business. Other recurring features available on the site include The Financial Report, created to keep busy executives up-to-date on the latest financial trends in network marketing. Also included is our exclusive Stock Watch, a bi-monthly look at the performance of direct selling stocks. Roundtable covers news and events from the Direct Selling Association and brings together leading consultants and lawyers to discuss and examine the ramifications of the regulatory and legal issues affecting our industry. Similar issues affecting companies abroad are discussed and examined in our Global Landscape section.

Company Name: Home Business Connection Magazine
Bob Schwartz
Cutting Edge Media
1595 S. Mt. Joy Street
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022
United States
Phone: (800) 561-9297
Description: HBC magazine has developed a reputation as the premier home-based business publication in the industry. Since 1996 HBC has informed potential business owners on the positive aspects of owning your own home- based business. We convey this through different company and product spotlights, success stories and individual advertisements. Who receives HBC? Each month we direct mail 200,000 copies of HBC to a fresh group of prospects. We ONLY mail HBC to people who have requested it to learn more about home-business opportunities.

Company Name: MLM Woman Newsletter
Linda Locke
2081 North Oxnard Blvd
Oxnard, California 93036
United States
Email: regent@west.net
Description: Welcome to my web site! I'm Linda Locke, the editor/publisher of MLM Woman, a newsletter I started publishing in April 1995. The newsletter began its life as an electronic newsletter, which I shared with other women in MLM I had meet and networked with on AOL. The original newsletter proved so popular that I decided to start publishing MLM Woman on a regular basis on the Internet where I could reach and help a larger national and international audience. Since then, the MLM Woman web site has grown to its current content and I strive to constantly improve the site and add new features. In my online newsletters, no one will tell you that building a successful MLM business is easy it takes hard work, creativity, persistence, and talent but by sharing the nitty gritty aspects of how to build a business and offering new techniques that take into account the strengths of women in this business, we can help you achieve the success you deserve. Who are our readers? Our readers are part-time network marketers facing the challenges of limited time and often limited funds; full-time MLM'ers who are aggressively working towards their goals of financial freedom; and newcomers to the industry that are starting out smart by following the footsteps of the successful network marketers who have gone before them. As a certified information junkie, I constantly search the online services and the Internet as well as other sources to make sure I can bring you the best tips, techniques and business building information that I can find to share with you. I sincerely hope you enjoy and benefit from the information on our MLM Woman web site. Please come back and visit us often!

Company Name: Network Marketing Magazine
John Fogg
2370 Saddle Hollow Road
Crozet, Virginia 22932
United States
Phone: (434) 823-9390
Description: Monthly magazine founded by famed author John Milton Fogg. Each on-line version contains numerous interviews and articles that are avaiable in the following downloadable formats: Audio Mp3; Printer, PDF and On-Line Readable. The magazine is smart and classy looking, highly educational. Available by subscription only. As a sidebar: with a little effort you can find most all the articles available on the internet at time of release or in the near future so you might ask if the $55.00 annual subscription is too high or necessary.

Company Name: Networking Times
PO Box 55743
Sherman Oaks, California 91413
United States
Phone: (818) 817-9241
Description: What do a Harvard MBA and business consultant, an MIT Business School Professor, a Wharton Business School Economist, a spiritual leader, a philosopher, a human right's activist, and a Stanford MBA Marketing Guru all have in common...? They've all supported the Networking profession and contributed to the positive press contained in Networking Times. There is nothing quite like positive press for the Network Marketing profession to attract prospects to your networking business like a magnet. Except perhaps for Networking Leaders whose belief is so strong it is contagious. I don't have to tell you how important belief is to success. You know it's true. When your belief level is solid, your team feels it. That's a great start, but only a start. When you're committed to creating a successful team, you commit to a continuing education program for yourself and everyone on your team. Grow your business stronger day by day Keep your distributors from quitting Accelerate the journey toward success. In addition, you'll learn from the professionals exactly how to build a business that creates the financial freedom and balance central to defining your terms for a successful life. Networking Times is THE Antidote to high turnover in Your Organization. Sponsor an additional two, three or more new team members each month. Keep your entire team focused on defining and creating success for themselves. Keep yourself and your team involved, productive and growing. Developing a successful networking business is not about a destination, it is a process that begins with your personal commitment to achieve your dreams. If you like the picture we have painted for accelerating the growth of your business and creating a more fulfilling life, secure the vantage point of the higher ground for yourself and your team.

Company Name: Obtainer Online Magazine
Michael Sander
P.O Box 212880
Abu Dhabi 90000
United Arab Emirates
Phone: (971) 557-765890
Email: cb@obtainer-media.com
Specialty: Current News and Events, Management, Marketing, Training, Electronic, Print

Company Name: Opportunity World & Money 'N Profits
United Communications
130 Church Street, #257
New York City, New York 10007
United States
Phone: (212) 786-0291
Email: jerry@oppworld.com
Description: OpportunityWorld and Money n Profits magazines offer a strong circulation in conjunction with effective, low-cost advertising rates. Quality and responsiveness is our main focus for your business. No other magazine can bring such a dynamic audience at a cost that is affordable as well as effective for small companies with large appetites for business growth.

Company Name: Succes Reseau
Stephanie Hetu
Phone: (450) 240-5247
Email: info@succesreseau.com
Description: Succes Reseau is an online MLM training magazine published in French. It is one of the very few magazine offering generic training for french speaking mlm distributors. The publisher, Stephanie Hetu, is specialised in web marketing applied to the MLM industry and teaches her knowledge to her readers, along with training from various MLM gurus.


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