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4 Ways to Improve Facebook Video Marketing

4 Ways to Improve Facebook Video Marketing
4 Ways to Improve Facebook Video Marketing

By DSN Staff | October 15, 2019

Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and boost sales.

Video content is engaging, as evidenced by the success of streaming platforms including YouTube and Twitch, and the fact that it’s versatile in the topics it encompasses makes it a smart investment. Nonetheless, there are a few ways for one to make their advertising efforts stand out among the competition. As provided by Carola Jain, CMO at Spartan, here are four ways to improve your Facebook video marketing.

  1. Provide captions with videos. By performing a cursory scroll on Facebook, it’s easy to notice that most videos feature subtitles. One of the reasons for this is that while videos on Facebook automatically play, they don’t feature audio until a user enables it. This is where subtitles come into play, since they provide context to the images a viewer is presented with. No matter how short a video on Facebook is, it should include captions; this will have a considerable impact on video marketing efforts moving forward.

  2. Experiment with different video formats. What one must know about Facebook video marketing is that it isn’t an exact science, which is why experimentation is encouraged. For example, one may assume that video content shot horizontally is ideal, as it reflects traditional video. On the flipside, video content shot vertically tends to perform better on mobile platforms, which are just as important as desktop platforms, if not more so. Experiment with different formats to see which offers more engagement. From there, marketing efforts should be adjusted accordingly.

  3. Promote Facebook video content. The more eyes that Facebook video content attracts, the better it will perform. This is a given, but one may not consider the importance of promotion across other social media platforms. What this does, in theory, is attract an audience that may not have been found otherwise. Furthermore, it encourages viewers to find content creators on Facebook so that they can more closely follow the work that they publish. Though video is the content being consumed, marketing on different platforms shouldn’t be ignored.

  4. Include a call to action. Like any piece of promotional material or content, a Facebook video should include a call to action. This instructs or encourages a viewer to complete a certain action after watching a video. Such an action could be clicking a “learn more” link, visiting a testimonials page, signing up for a newsletter, or completing a transaction. Regardless, the best Facebook video marketing campaigns feature CTAs that viewers can carry out.

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