7 Secrets To Success

7 Secrets To Success

Published: Jun 20, 2014

By: Louis Bonaventura

7 Secrets To Success

This article is based on a training session given by Doug Firebaugh on Success.  It focuses on the 7 things that truly influence your success more than you know.  He focuses on the word S-U-C-C-E-S-S and creates an acronym for the word.  It's really interesting how he does this and I'm going to review his acronym here.

What is success to you?  It is very difficult to define success because it means so many things to some many different people.   What success is to me may not necessarily be what it is to you!  So what is your definition of success?  Is it financial freedom?  Maybe time freedom?  Being able to take vacations?  Operating your own home based business?  Is it being totally financially independent and not having another worry ever again?  What exactly is success to you?  There is NOTHING like the feeling of success!

S = Solo Focus: Solo focus is just one focus and it is laser focus.  People tend to get distracted and go off in 10 different directions.  You cannot do this and become successful.  You MUST stay focused on what you are doing, the goal you are trying to accomplish, and the tasks you need to perform in order to reach your goal.  Do not get distracted!  People can sense when you are solo focused and you become more magnetic and attract people to follow you.  You will be become a more successful leader!

U = Unlocked Imagination: You need to unlock your imagination.  Our imagination is usually locked and we limit ourselves.  When you unlock your imagination it will in turn unlock your creativity, your passions, and it follows the rules of success.  Remember that all success is, is an image you have in your mind.  Unlocking your imagination will allow you to have a huge vision and reach your goals much easier.  Get around people who are successful and big thinkers, stay away from negative thinkers and limited minded people.  Get around people who can train and teach you to unlock your imagination and you will get a huge vision in your life!  A huge vision is not only magnetic, but part of the success foundation.

C = Crystal Clear Path: You know the step required to obtain your goals and building your business.  Success is going to be very hard to obtain is you do not have a crystal clear path.  You must know your path and be able to convey it to your team members so they can duplicate your steps.

C = Connection to the Heart: You can accomplish anything you set your mind to as long as it is powered by the heart.  This is evident in and the basis for the book "As a Man Thinketh". Have you ever heard the phrase: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!"?  Your heart is the success driver in you.  It drives you to success every day.  It drives you to do things beyond where most people would give up, which drives you to succeed simply because it is in your heart to do so!  Is your heart connected to your business?  Figure out what you value most in your life (Your WHY) and connect it to your business and you will have found your ultimate success driver!

E = Extraordinary Energy: This is the energy that comes when you connect to the heart.  It's the extraordinary energy of emotion, creativity, faith, and your presence.  Your heart will create all of these things when you connect your business to it.  Hype comes from the mind, energy comes from the heart.  This is energy, not hype!

S = Skill Set: You HAVE to have a good skill set.  This is something that can be learned.  Most people start with little, or underdeveloped skills.  You can develop these skills through personal growth and it must be developed in order for you to succeed.  As you work your business your skill set will naturally develop on its own, but you should be personally working on it every day as well.

S = Stop at Nothing: No matter what people say, do, or think.  No matter what limitations they throw at you, no matter what kind of negativity they throw at you.

If you possess all of the above qualities we have discussed, you will stop at nothing to obtain your goals because you will be so determined and focused that success will be yours, no matter what!

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Lou and Robin Bonaventura have been Professional Network Marketers for 4 years. They attribute much of their success to personal development and continual learning. Visit http://www.SNGBlog.com and http://www.SuccessNetworkGroup.com for more insight into how personal development can benefit you.



Lou and Robin Bonaventura have been Professional Network Marketers for 4 years. They attribute much of their success to personal development and continual learning. Visit their Blog and Learning Centers for more insight into how personal development can benefit you.

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