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9 Reasons Why People Fail In MLM

9 Reasons Why People Fail In MLM
9 Reasons Why People Fail In MLM

“Ever Wondered Why is it that only 10% of the people who get into the business of Network Marketing actually SUCCEED…. while the remaining 90% DON’T!”

Well..these 9 Bitter Truths will reveal to you EXACTLY WHY:

1. Not Taking The Business Seriously

  • Many people take this business as a short term business. Really Not good.
  • If people just treat the opportunity AS SERIOUS AS THEIR JOB, success is sure.

2.  False Expectations

  • Some people seriously feel that this is a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’. Totally not so.
  • In fact true leverage in this industry begins as you nurture your business gradually.
  • The business starts off by being ‘Underpaid’ for a while. Stick to it for a while and you’ll only be ‘Over Paid’

3. Lack Of Confidence/Belief 

  • We need have belief in 3 Essential things to success: The Products, The Company & Ourselves
  • To increase our belief in the Products: We need to use the products and also get feedback from happy users.
  • To increase our belief in the Company: Wee need to read success stories and interact with successful leaders.
  • To increase our belief in Ourselves: Only 2 things – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and taking ACTION everyday.

4. Lack Of Prospects/Leads

5. No Proper Business System

  • Prospecting, Followup, Conversion & Training: A proper system is a must.
  • We have all heard it time and again, The Fortune Is In The Follow Up.
  • Online Methods: Using Email Marketing techniques and web conferencing tools.
  • Offline Methods: Using the phone, using the phone, using the phone, using the phone. :)

6. Lack Of Focus

  • All Successful Networkers have a super-sharp focus and clarity in their game plan.
  • Do not get disturbed by Petty problems and issues. Look long-term.
  • Focus on your strengths and develop on it.

7. Not Investing Into Themselves

  • Not reading books, taking courses, attending trainings and events.
  • Investing into oneself is by-far the MOST CRITICAL trait of the successful.
  • The more you learn… the more you will Earn. Self-Transformation is the Essence

8. Not Knowing How To Present The Business

  • All big earners in this business know how to present well.
  • It’s crucial that you learn how to ‘Show The Plan’ by the first month itself.
  • Presenting the business is an Art, and has to be learnt from your successful uplines.

9. People Who Fail Have No VISION

  • All Success starts with Vision. And without vision, people just perish.
  • Vision gets people going, keeps people alive.
  • From Vision – come our Goals. When you have a clear GOAL, you are going to reach it.

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