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Another source of leads that you have not thought about before and how to use them

Another source of leads that you have not thought about before and how to use them
Another source of leads that you have not thought about before and how to use them

Just today, I was on LinkedIn, (and FYI, LinkedIn is not the source for these leads).

My experience prior to using LinkedIn was creating profiles for companies and top leaders.

I have a friend who is earning north of 10K per month, very casually recruiting on LinkedIn by just dropping into groups and adding value.

Nothing else.

No ads, no tacky self-promotion, just adding value to various discussions.

Anyway, here I was saying hello to someone new, and I wrote something about a drip list.

I made the cardinal sin of using jargon and expecting everyone to know what it means.

This fellow whom I was commenting to, came back saying he did not know what a drip list was.

First, let me say that it’s always better to ask – there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Someone who asks questions will go to the top, that’s a success trait.

Let me share a bit of my response, slightly edited, and then let me tell you a secret source of leads for your drip list.

A drip list... The idea is that you drip on people, like a tap dripping water.

Eventually, if you hear a dripping tap, you will get up and pay it some attention. Here’s how it goes. Over time you collect leads/prospects who don't say NO but who don't say YES.

So you have them on a list, usually an email address list, but sometimes you get real addresses.

For now, let’s just talk about email addresses. Each week, (or more often), you send this list, (your drip list), an email message.

It’s not hard, pretty easy on your part; you just keep sending until they join or unsubscribe.

I have seen people sign up 6 months later, even a year later, because someone just kept dripping on them. One of my old team members, Marty, wrote to me:

“I did what you taught and kept all of my leads, even the crappy leads that you told me not to buy.

I decided to send out those email messages that you wrote for us, not expecting much.

I think I might have been the only one who did it. However, within two weeks, I had a sign-up.

That was after 3 emails sent. But what was really interesting was the fact that I have had people join up after getting them 6 months and even 1 year later.

Now I have a new system: I try and close those in the loop, but move the rest to my drip list and wait for them to call me.

I have edited some of your messages, here and there, and by now figured out how to write more myself.

I think I have the hang of it, and my team uses both yours and those in your book.

After reading 70 of yours, it was a lot easier to know how to write them.

One guy even told me he would join if I let him use ‘my’ emails.

I had to tell him they were not even mine! He’s been in MLM for a long time and said he had never seen such a good campaign.

Thanks again.”

(Thank you, Marty, for sharing this)

You get the point; the key is you will find people join up months later if you just keep dripping on them.

You don’t know their situation – they may love their upline now, but not so much 4 months from now.

They may love their products now, but not so much later.

Anything can change.

The trick is for you to be the one constant in their life, with great communication.

So, you can be constant, but you need great communication.

Ok, so let me tell you about my unexpected lead discovery, and how you can do the same to find a big glut of leads for your drip list.

I got the idea as I read an old success book.

I wish I could remember the name of the book, but it escapes me.

In it was a story about a young man who joins an insurance agency to sell.

He’s new, excited, and on his first day at the office shows up all eager to start.

He’s greeted by all the old hands, the old sales guys, smoking cigars and up to their necks in cynicism.

“What do I do? How do I start?" he asks.

One of the old-timers, laughing to himself, points to the aging filing cabinet in the corner, covered with dust.

“Call all those old clients and old leads, and ask each one if they’re now ready to purchase insurance.”

The rest of the room laughed under their breath, but the young man only hears the idea and not the laughter, and rolls up his sleeves happy to have a plan.

By the end of the month, he’s sold more policies than all of the rest.

At the sales meeting, none of the old-timers believes that he got his leads from those old files.

But the fact is that while at one time those leads were not ready for insurance, times and circumstances have changed for them.

Most were still ‘no’s,’ but enough were 'yeses' that he got top spot for that year.

I got to thinking about this.

I know I was dripping on my leads, but where could I get more?

Then I thought of all of those people that come and go in our business.

I called some of my dead downline and asked if I could have their old purchased leads, (which meant them giving me access to their back office).

Some said yes; some said yes if I placed anyone who joined under them; some said yes for a fee, which I agreed to if I was able to sponsor anyone from their list.

Some said no and decided to get active again!

So I added my emails to their back office and started my drip campaign.

Sure enough, with all of those leads, I got sign-ups.

It got really good.

Now, I have taught companies or top leaders to do this with all of those leads that are wasted in the ‘backoffice’ of people that move on, but typically, no one does anything, or, what they send is just the usual company-written communication, i.e. really just crap.

Virtually all emails that come from corporate are written by kids without any experience – I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

So, if you have dead downlines, you need to find a way to access their old leads, email addresses I’m referring to here.

Make a deal, ask, trade products, but get access and start dripping.

The key is to drip.

The second key is what to say.

You need to send WIIFM – What’s In It For Me messages – not about YOU, your company, its history, how long it’s been around, if it’s in the DSA, or its latest corporate VP’s donation to starving children.

Second, these messages need to be fun, interesting, captivating, informative, and persuasive.

If you can’t do this, buy both of my books – you will have 70 email messages that way, and by using them, you will figure out how to write your own.

Both of them together will set you back less than 20 bucks.

I am not a copywriter by trade; I’m a networker – but I always think as if I am in my prospect's head.

You are never going to be perfect at it, but you can get good.

What keeps them awake at night?

Why did they leave their last company?

These are the types of messages you will find in my emails.

I can tell you they work, and you can use them.

If you don’t have a drip list, (and I can’t believe you don’t), you need to start one now. Today.

Don’t waste all those leads, and don’t waste your leads with company-produced emails.

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Very best,


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