Be Specific To Get More And Better Referrals

Be Specific To Get More And Better Referrals

Published: Jun 09, 2014

By: Michael Oliver



Here is a useful tip about the use of language when asking someone for a referral.


Distributors often say something like;


"Do you know anyone that would be interested in this opportunity or these products?"


Personally I would not recommend using these words. It makes the request too vague. It needs to be more precise.


The word "anyone" leaves it too open. It needs to be narrowed down. Using the phrase, "that would be interested" requires someone to make a judgment and a decision for their friend or associate.


A more precise and effective approach would be;


"Who do you know at work that is ambitious and wanting to get ahead, who would consider looking at this opportunity for themselves?"


"Who do you know that has challenges such as (name some problems your product will solve) and would consider looking at these (products) to make themselves (feel/look) better?"


With questions framed like this, you help the other person visualize what you are looking for, and the only level of interest you're requesting is willingness for someone to "consider looking."


This is much softer and less threatening.


Of course, once someone gives you a referral, you'll want to follow up as soon as possible.


Asking for referrals is a great way to boost your business building and it's a good idea to make it part of your routine. What I've suggested in this article should help you get more and better quality leads.



Michael Oliver is the founder of Natural Selling Sales Training, and the author of the best selling book "How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!" Michael was voted "Best Generic Trainer" in 2004 and 2005 in the annual MLM Insider poll.


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