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Choosing The Right Company For You

Choosing The Right Company For You
Choosing The Right Company For You

Choosing the Right Company for You

One of the most important decisions you will makewill be the company you choose to work with. Unfortunately, most people spend less time selecting a company than they do buying a new refrigerator. In fact, most let the company select them. In other words, they join the first opportunity thats presented to them. There are two schools of thought on this.

 First, if youre presented an opportunity by someone you know and trust and theyd like to sponsor you and are committed to work with you theres a good deal of power in that. Its not necessary for you to go out and discover every other network marketing company in the industry and do a side-by-side comparison. You would spend two years on research and about the time that you should begin receiving walkaway, residual income youd be just getting started.

 However, the company you join does play a dramatic role in your chances for success. You need to do enough due diligence to select a good one. Let me give you two questions to ask first. This will simplify things for you a great deal. Any company that you dont get a positive answer to both of these questions, you can cross off your list.

 Question 1: If you were not involved in the business opportunity, would you buy this product or service anyway?

 Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no, find another company. If the opportunity youre involved with is not centered on products you believe in and will personally use it is highly unlikely that you will be successful with this company. Network Marketing is driven by the enthusiasm and personal testimonials of the people involved. Two of the first questions your prospects will ask you are, Do you use these products? and, Are they any good? If you cant answer with a positive yes, then they are not likely to get involved. Now, if you can answer yes, you can move to

 Question 2: Would you buy that product or service at that price?

 If you wouldnt pay the price for your products on the open market, its unlikely anyone else will. Dont think people will pay more for a product simply because they might get a bonus check. Its been shown time and time again they wont.

 Your success in MLM is based upon product getting to the end consumer, who actually uses it and wants more. People who buy products to get a check end up stockpiling them in their garage and will eventually stop buying when their garage is full or their credit card is maxed out. People must want to use your product and be willing to pay the retail price for it.

 Dont be misled by hype and attempt to market an overpriced product. Like any industry, Network Marketing has a small segment of opportunists with no integrity. Theyre very good at fueling the hype machine, creating what appears to be legitimate excitement and momentum, but is actually a carefully orchestrated front.

 Now, dont be mistaken. This doesnt mean that the company you choose must have products cheaper than whats available somewhere else. It means that they must be of such value that you and other people are willing to pay the price for them.

 In fact, many Network Marketing companies have products that cost much more than similar products available elsewhere. But due to their high quality, effectiveness or concentration they are actually a better value to the consumer. Network Marketing companies have introduced a number of breakthrough products to the market. The conversational marketing nature of the business is perfect for higher-priced or new, not well known products that might not sell well on retail store shelves, but move quite well with a little education of the customer. Network Marketing has brought many specialty products to the market that are so unique, they require a story be told. Of course, the other tangible advantage is the personalized service and attention a customer receives from MLM distributors. Customers are willing to pay a little more for personalized service and convenience.

 So dont ask, Is this the cheapest product on the market? But rather, Would I buy this product if I were not trying to qualify for a check? and, Is it a fair value? I believe if people would ask those two questions, they would eliminate 90 percent of the programs they look at, and prevent a lot of disappointment and frustration.

 *Excerpted from How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine by Randy Gage. Get the first book ever written on the science of how to become wealthy in Network Marketing today!

 For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy's How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing series is the #1 selling album in direct selling history. And his "Escape the Rat Race" audiotape has introduced the industry to millions of prospects all over the world. For more resources and to subscribe to Randys free ezine newsletter, MLM Leadership Report visit randygage.com/cgi-bin/assoctrac/at.cgi?a=167299 .

CONTACT INFO: Randy is available for background information, interviews and profiles on the Network Marketing industry. He can be reached through Prime Concepts Group, Inc. at 1-800-946-7804 or (316) 942-1111. Rights to reprint and reproduce this article are granted as long as it includes the full last paragraph tag line complete with web links. http://randygage.com/cgi-bin/assoctrac/at.cgi?a=167299 Copyright MMIV by Prime Concepts Group, Inc.

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