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Eleven Practical Reasons Why Streaming Video is a Vital Marketing Tool for your Website.

Eleven Practical Reasons Why Streaming Video is a Vital Marketing Tool for your Website.
Eleven Practical Reasons Why Streaming Video is a Vital Marketing Tool for your Website.

Eleven Practical Reasons Why Streaming Video is a Vital Marketing Tool for your Website.

By Mark Spivey.


1. Limited Screen Space.

Computer screens have increased in size over the years but webmasters still have to deal with the problem getting all a client's information presented above the bottom of the screen.

It's difficult enough to get prospects or customers to read anything without them having to scroll lengthy pages of text.

Placing a prominent link to video content greatly reduces the amount of reading and web space needed (A lot can be said in a minute of video, 100 words or more).


2. Computer Screen Readability

Computer monitors have never particularly easy on the eyes.

Screen LCDs are brighter and display more contrast than CRT (which is great for graphics but again not ideal for reading). So instead of giving your potential clients eyestrain and a headache, deliver the information using video, a much more user-friendly experience.


3. Scanning habits of visitors.

A large number of net users (around 70 percent) tend to scan and skim over material, rather than actually read it.

Having a well presented streaming video that loads and begins playing quickly is a powerful way to encapsulate the main points of your business and transmit them in a memorable way.



Studies have shown that only a small amount of read text (around 10 percent) is easily recalled by a reader.

Audio is slightly better (20 percent), whereas Video, being both visual and audible has the highest ranking in memory retention studies (around 50 percent or higher).

(If this is combined with actual interactive activity - ie doing, the result rises to around 80 percent).

Also consider the following facts:

55% of a message meaning is derived from facial expression

38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures, body language, etc.

From the above we can see it simply makes sense to add video to a business site.


5. Consistency of Message Delivery

Because text is skimmed your overall message may not come across in a consistent way from one visitor to the next.

When clients are left on their own to browse you really don't know how much of your message they are getting.

By presenting information in video, you deliver a consistent, error-free message without anything left out. The human voice, music and visual cues breaks through the concentration barrier and leaves a lasting impression of who you are and why your visitors should be customers.

Content is King - Presentation is Queen.


6.The Phenomenon of Multitasking

Time is vital in business and so most of us try and cram as much into the day as possible - doing several things at once (multitasking).

Most of us are answering the phone, reading documents, creating reports etc etc. People want it short, and to the point (and we want to be able to grab their attention while they are doing other things!) If TV advertisers can effectively promote their products in thirty-second commercials during dinner, imagine what you can deliver in the same amount of professionally created video online.


7. Branding - Creating a Personality

Successful businesses all have an image and personality and there is no better way to transmit that personality to your prospective clients than with video. Companies spend thousands of dollars on logos, slogans, printed material and website design.

Using video is a powerful tool that effectively "glues" all these elements together.

You see it, hear it and interact with it, creating a memory and a feel associated with that business.

TV commercials have given Fast food chains, Banks and consumer electronics a corporate image.

Online video can do exactly the same (at a tiny fraction of the cost of TV airtime 24hrs a day 7 days a week, worldwide).


8. Cost Effectiveness and ease of use.

Many business people make the assumption that multimedia solutions like video are expensive - but that is no longer the case.

Recent developments have made streaming video tools accessible to even small budget companies with the flexibility not available in flash presentations which can be extremely labour intensive and cannot be viewed without the correct player.

It is possible to create, adjust and present your video message with minimal equipment and low overheads and obtain a professional result.

Further developments have made video viewable without the need of downloading and installing additional software (which by the way, is a guaranteed way to lose visitors).


9 Trust and association.

Video gives the visitor a picture of who you are.

TV commercials that feature a celebrity or (even just the man or woman who runs the store) create trust - that is one reason why they sell.

Buyers like to associate a name with a face and video does this better than any other medium available.

To be able to see something "real" in a virtual world helps to solidify the viewer's perception (hopefully positive) of you and your product or service.


10 It's a well known medium that is still unique enough to attract attention. 

While text, plain pictures (and even flash to a degree) have become commonplace and "ho hum" in the net, online video still attracts significant attention (who can resist opening a link "Watch Video"?)

There is still a fascination with this media which works in the advertiser's favor.


11 And finally... You can effectively demonstrate your product.

Ever try to describe to a customer how your product works, how easy it is to use, special features, etc with just text? - it can often be very difficult.

Nothing beats a customer seeing a product or service they are interested in going through it's paces.

Video is the only medium that gives the prospective customer a real life illustration of the what, how and why operations of your goods and services.

When a customer understands a product and how it will benefit them, they are more inclined to purchase.


About The Author

Mark Spivey is a Helloworld independent affiliate with experience in the music, radio multimedia and online sales industry.

His business offers powerful, advanced, online multimedia and communication tools that are user friendly, affordable and highly effective.


You can visit his websites 






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