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Focus On Causes, Not Just Symptoms

Focus On Causes, Not Just Symptoms
Focus On Causes, Not Just Symptoms

Focus Your Solution on Causes Not Just Symptoms

Focus Your Solution on Causes Not Just Symptoms


Do you find yourself Sky diving in too soon with solutions and making fire hose presentations? This is the prime reason for the excessive 98% of negative responses most Independent Distributors and Direct Sellers receive.


If you are a "lets get on with it" solution oriented type of person, perhaps the concept of discovering the causes of problems and giving a person space and time to talk about themselves might not be your style.


However, consider this truth


Until your potential partners/clients consciously and subconsciously feel that you understand the depth of their problems and until they feel their own discomfort with their present circumstances (At a much deeper level than wanting a brand new boat for example) most are not going to listen to, nor take action on, any solution you have to offer.


Heres Another Truth: Problems Have Both Symptoms And Causes.


I hear most Distributors attempt to hurriedly solve symptoms with what they perceive to be the answer without first discovering the cause of a persons problem. Hence the high rejection and attrition rate.


For example, lack of money, time, freedom and good health are usually not the problem! They are merely the symptoms of a much deeper problem that is causing the lack of money, time, freedom and good health!


If you are prepared to use Dialogue to ask and listen, people will tell you the deeper causes and the consequences of what will happen if they dont resolve whatever isnt working in their lives.


You don't have to spend hours engaged in Dialogue. 5 to 10 minutes can end up reaping huge rewards for both of you.


Using the principles behind Natural Selling - Asking the right types of questions at the right time and Listening to what is being meant and not just what is being said, makes this easy.


Here Are 5 Reasons Why Adopting This Practice Is Worth It


  1. Asking questions and developing the answers you get naturally prevents you from jumping in too soon with a solution. You engage your potential client in a dialogue with 3 objectives in mind


         To discover if they have the types of problems that you can help them solve with your solutions.

         To allow them to talk about how bad their problem is and how they will feel if they don't fix it.

         To discover their degree of desire to make a change


  1. You can help more people if they feel you understand their situation. And helping people is really what its all about, isn't it? People don't buy your products, your company or even you. They buy your ability to understand them first.


  1. The greater their problem is, the less important the cost of solving it. STOP RIGHT HERE to think about this for a moment the greater the problem, the greater the desire to find the money to pay for your solution.


  1. The greater the problem is, the greater their desire to change what they are doing, and to continue doing it! No more having to stay on top of your down line or customers, persuading them to attend meetings, to speak with potential clients or buy products. AND no more high attrition.


  1. Its effortless and tension free for you because they do the work. They are the ones who create their own internal tension based on feeling the need to make a change!


So get comfortable with asking questions and hearing about problems. Don't be satisfied until you've helped them discover what the consequences are if they dont resolve their challenges.


Once you've uncovered the causes behind the symptoms of their problems, and youve allowed them to talk about what happens if they don't fix them, and what it would feel like if they did then its time to transition your conversation to briefly present your solution.


Do not spend more than 1 minute going into detail about your solution. Resist the temptation.


The details can come later when you have assessed their degree of commitment to make a change.


Its All About Them


Focusing on causes as well as symptoms makes it easy for you to understand in a short time your potential client's present situation in greater depth than you can ever have imagined.


More importantly, it helps THEM to understand perhaps for the first time!


It also makes it easy for you to customize your solution in a way that makes sense to them and demonstrates youve been listening.


Remember, its all about them, not you. Dig deeply and focus your solutions not only on symptoms but on what caused those symptoms in the first place.


The rest will naturally fall into place and you'll do away with objections and rejection. As a result, you'll grow your business faster and with less effort and anxiety on your part.



Michael Oliver is the founder of Natural Selling Sales Training, and the author of the best selling book "How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!". You can learn more about how Natural Selling can help you get what you want by helping others get what they want by visiting www.NaturalSelling.com.






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