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How to Fail in Network Marketing

How to Fail in Network Marketing
How to Fail in Network Marketing

How to Fail in Network Marketing

How to Fail in Network Marketing

By Rod Nichols


I know about failure, as I was a miserable failure for the first 10 years of my network marketing career. Everyone else is telling you how to succeed in network marketing, but in this article Im going to give you all the things you need to do in order to fail. Since so many people fail in this business, I thought it would help you short cut the process. Now, of course Im telling you this with tongue in cheek. What I really want you to do is recognize the things you are currently doing, which are either causing you to fail or are taking you down that road, then quickly correct them, so you can enjoy success. So, here are five things to do to insure failure in your network marketing business.


1.      Treat it like a sales business. Read every book and listen to every tape you can find on high pressure sales. Then, make sure you use all those techniques to present and pressure people into buying your products, using your services, or joining your business. If you get good enough, no one will be able to say no. If your prospects bring up an objection or ask a question, dont answer it, just let them know that if they were serious they wouldnt bring up stuff like that, then close them with one of your power closes and dont let up until they say yes. Whatever you do, dont ask questions to uncover their needs and dont act like you really care about them. Make sure you stay in control by doing all the talking. Tell them all about the business and make sure you share every useless detail or fact you can find. Dont worry if they arent interested, they need to know that stuff and it proves that you are the expert. Remember, that its not about them; its about the sale and the money youre going to make.


2.      Dont set goals. Goals just create pressure in your life. Its better just to float along and hope you achieve success. Its much better to just enjoy life and do the things that are fun, rather than get out of your comfort zone to reach for goals. Now, if you do happen to think of some goals, certainly dont write them down on a piece of paper and post them where you can see them every day. That will just increase pressure and cause you to feel guilty, when you dont reach those goals. Also, make sure those goals in your thoughts arent quantifiable. Its much better if you cant really tell whether youve reached the goal or not. Goals are bad news, so if you want to fail in network marketing, dont set any.


3.      Be completely unorganized. Whatever you do, dont set up any kind of organized filing system; dont have a file box in your car neatly arranged with company literature, catalogs, CDs, and DVDs; dont have a nice web site where you can send your prospects who are interested in the internet; dont keep track of peoples names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails. When you meet with a prospect, make sure that you dont have the things you need, including a pen, paper, literature, and something to use to present your business. After you meet with a prospect, make sure you do not send them a thank you note and dont follow-up in timely manner. Make sure you dont remember peoples names and that you call them by the wrong name. In fact, its really best if when you set up an appointment, that you forget to go because you forgot to write it down or cant find where you wrote the information. This will make a lousy impression and insure that the prospect doesnt join your business, buy your products, or utilize your services.


4.      Dont train and support new associates. If by some amazing stroke of luck, you happen to sponsor someone into your business, make sure that you dont train and support them. Whatever you do, dont schedule a time in person or over the phone where you discuss their goals and dreams and where you help them develop a plan for their business. Make sure you dont help them learn more about your company, products/services, and compensation plan, so that they are completely unable to explain the business to someone else. That will pretty much insure their failure as well as yours. Its critical to your failure that you dont help them make contact with their prospects and do follow-up 3-way calls. Do not set up local training meetings or conference calls, during which you acknowledge the successes in your team and provide additional training. Above all, do not recognize those who are climbing the ranks, because that will just encourage others to do the same.


5.      Do the least productive thing possible at every given moment. As you analyze your day, first of all, dont schedule productive activities for your business. Its much better to spend the little time you have doing unproductive things like filing, checking out sites on the internet, looking at your horoscope to see what the stars say about your future, calling friends who have already told you no, watching television, or taking a quick power nap. If you are truly committed to failing in network marketing, do not contact qualified prospects; do not give presentations using company tools; do not follow-up to see if they have questions or are ready to buy or join; do not train and support people who join; do not set up duplicatable systems that will enable people to succeed. All of these things will lead to success, financial security, and time freedom, which of course, you dont want. You would rather fail and struggle financially the rest of your life.


Well, friend thats it. Now you know how to fail in network marketing. If you do all or even most of these things you are assured of failure and of a life working for someone else, begging for time off, and probably working at McDonalds when your in your 60s. The real key is that you accomplished your goal of failing in network marketing and thats what this article is all about. Or is it?

============================================================================Rod Nichols has been involved in the network marketing industry since 1979, as a company founder/owner, distributor, consultant, trainer, and author. His books Successful Network Marketing for the 21st Century and Would You Like to Dig In My Goldmine? were industry best sellers for several years and his newest book, The Ideal Business is quickly becoming a must read for anyone serious about success in network marketing.  Rod has trained tens of thousands of people and is know as a nuts and bolts trainer. He is available to speak at conventions, conferences, regionals, or any other event requiring a dynamic outside speaker. Rod is also available to coach individuals and small teams. More information about Rod, his fees, and other great network marketing resources are available on his website at www.RodNichols.com or you can e-mail him at Rod@RodNichols.com   ============================================================================


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