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Jumpstart Your Business - Strategies for Growth in Your MLM Business

Jumpstart Your Business - Strategies for Growth in Your MLM Business
Jumpstart Your Business - Strategies for Growth in Your MLM Business

Jumpstart Your Business - Strategies for Growth in Your Network Marketing Business

As summertime ends and fall is upon us, you may be thinking about what to do to jumpstart your business again.

Transitioning back into business-mode isn't always easy...

I know I'm not immune! I recently returned from a summer vacation and I just stood at my desk wondering, "What do I do first?" I ended up just choosing two things I could take action on. This was the kick start I needed and (unfortunately) before long for the sound of the waves crashing on the sand became a distant memory!

Every business has a cyclical nature, and the network marketing industry is no different. In general, summertime in the MLM world tends to be a slower growth period. This isn't always the case though - my company had their second most profitable month EVER this August, and my personal business grew considerably during the summer months.

If your summer felt unproductive, work-wise, it's okay. You planted seeds during the summer, and those seeds will harvest this fall. As far as the MLM cycle goes, autumn all the way through Thanksgiving tends to be the most expansive season, so you can certainly still make the remainder of your year very worthwhile. NOW is the time to jumpstart your business.

Here are some ways to gain momentum in your MLM business starting today:

Jumpstart Your Business by SETTING GOALS

This is a great time to set goals for what you will bring about this fall. How many new business builders will you have? How many teams will you be working with by the year's end? How many folks will be on autoship by in the next 90 days? What rank advancement will you be wearing proudly by the new year?

Jumpstart Your Business with OUTREACH

For the next 90 days, make a commitment to focus on prospecting, networking, meeting new people, and calling the people you know. If you connect with five to ten people each day, you will get what you want! Make sure at least two of those connections are voice-to-voice – that will make a big difference.

Jumpstart Your Business LOCALLY

Today's online age brings opportunities for building relationships with people around the world, more than ever in history. If you make the Internet your only playground, however, you are leaving opportunities on the table.

Some Internet marketers would have you believe in-person marketing is somehow inferior. The thing is, it all has its place but, if you're new, focusing locally really helps get your momentum going. You can have a successful business all over the globe. Your LOCAL community, though, is the best place to start.

Jumpstart Your Business with ROUND ROBINS

One fun strategy to jumpstart your business is to initiate a game of Round Robin. Get a string of meetings going - host the first one in your home, then have the next one at a team member's house, then the next person's. Moving from house to house will jumpstart your business and turn you into a leader in no time. Your city can be the area that has something going on every night. If you don't have any big leaders in your area, consider it your opportunity to become the top-ranking leader your region has been waiting for!

Jumpstart Your Business with ONLINE SUPPORT

While I don't recommend hiding behind your computer screen, social media and the Internet are tools that can support what you are doing with in-person meetings and house presentations. Keep in conversation with your local friends on Facebook to stay top of mind. If LinkedIn is your social network of choice, be sure to connect with people in your city.

I've created a hybrid system for my team, which marries the best that the online and face-to-face worlds have to offer. Our online hub includes our team calendar, a list of upcoming opportunity webinars, training videos, and more.

So, are you ready to jumpstart your business?

This fall is your chance to go big with your business. What you do over the next 90 days will set you up for a successful new year too!

Kathleen Deggelman entered the network marketing industry in 2006 and became the first and only single woman to reach the top ranks of her company at the time, building a multi-million dollar distributorship in less than two years. She now promotes a skincare line based on stem cell technology, and loves helping people feel better inside and out. Read more articles on network marketing success at KathleenD

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