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My Evolution in Network Marketing

My Evolution in Network Marketing
My Evolution in Network Marketing

During college and up until my mid 30’s I was a trader on both Option and Commodity Exchange Floors in San Francisco and NYC. Suffice to say I was a really lousy trader in comparison to my peers in the business and while I basically lived a fairly good life, it was nowhere where I should have been at financially. I actually became a restaurant manager for a short time after leaving the floor.

In 1989 I was invited to an MLM Opportunity Meeting which I had no idea what it was about. I attended the meeting and afterward being a trader/due-diligence mindset started asking various questions about the business and the company being pitched. I was amazed at the total lack of information I was given. Most people were clueless. I then went home and tried to find out information and again I was unable. It was at that point I decided why not become that Information source as well as watchdog and educator and I launched a totally Generic  black and white publication called……..Downline NewsThe Definitive Source of Information on MLM. Within a few short years I had a huge subscriber base, was doing consulting, and with total humility was considered one of the leading experts on the business of MLM and John Milton Fogg referred me as the Ralph Nader of MLM.

I wrote a booklet on “How to Conduct a Proper Due-Diligence on a Network Marketing Company” and in concert with Len Clements “The Definitive Guide to Understanding Network Marketing Compensation Plans” Over the next decade and into mid 2000’s I turned Downline News into a full color 108 page Magazine called Network Marketing Today, I sponsored MLM Training Cruise’s featuring top Trainers and Consultants. I made lots of friends and had great Financial Success.  Also during this time I changed the name of my business to MLM Insider and launched a massive site by the same name and it was the number one MLM Resource on most all search engines or at least in the top three listings

In 2014 My MLM Insider got hacked and only this past November was able to bring the site back using a different programming standard. We are slowly making our way back in popularity and I hope you can spread the word as there are millions of new people in the business who are not aware of the company or site. We are continuously making new additions to the site for your benefit. Please sign up for our weekly newsletter and visit the site


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