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Network Marketing Success Is A Dating Experience

Network Marketing Success Is A Dating Experience
Network Marketing Success Is A Dating Experience

Network marketing success is similar to dating in many ways. Many of the same actions and reactions are required in both situations in order to achieve a successful outcome. Network marketing is about building relationships and forming a solid foundation in which to build a profitable business for you and your family. Dating is about finding someone with whom you can build a successful personal long-term relationship with while having fun together.

Marcie started dating Mark last January, and in the beginning she was enjoying a fun relationship with no expectations. As things progressed and the couple began to see more of each other, Marcie began expecting more from the relationship. Marcie wanted to spend more and more time with Mark, taking up the time he used to spend hanging out with his friends and on his hobbies.

In the meantime, Mark, who had to work to get Marcie's attention, is now having his affection returned without any effort. Because Marcie was initiating the communication with no reciprocation, every contact by Marcie felt like pressure to Mark. The harder she tried to reach out, the more crowded he felt. In order to enjoy network marketing success, the distributor makes the first and maybe second contact, but the prospect must take an active part in the communication effort. Network marketing is about building relationships and there must be effort on both parts to call it "communication".

Marcie notices Mark doesn't call often or initiate time spent together. She decides the relationship is coming to an end and moves on to better relationships. Network marketing success requires the business builder to know what to look for in a prospect. Just like dating, network marketers must search for very specific prospects meeting specific criteria. Just as you wouldn't date every person you meet on the street, every person you meet is not a prospective business partner .

What does a good prospect look like? Good prospects have the capital to invest in a business, understand that owning a business is more than a 9 to 5 job, requires them to make independent decisions, requires commitment and creativity and a tenacity to make their network marketing business successful. Network marketing success is as much about a positive frame of mind and having a business mentality.

This story could have just as easily taken a different direction. The couple could have formed a solid foundation and grown together in their goals and built a deepening relationship. Because Mark felt pressure, whether valid or not, he backed off of the relationship and the couple went their own directions. Because Marcie and Mark are coming from different pasts and experiences, and have different personalities, Marcie doesn't even realize what she sees as effort to communicate and build a relationship, Mark sees as pressure.

We don't always achieve the desired result in network marketing if a person pushes and tries too hard to fit everyone they meet into their business. The contacts they meet may feel as though they are being sold. Their first reaction is to run. As network marketers, we must seek out people who are actively looking for what we have to offer.

In both dating and network marketing success, when we find the right person and the timing is right, the relationship can develop. Learning to recognize and talk to the different personalities in a way they understand lets them know you are interested in their goals. This skill can be learned and is key to building a solid relationship and achieving network marketing success. Whether it is a network marketing business or dating relationships, it shouldn't be that stressful to build the relationship.

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