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The Foundation for Rapid Duplication

The Foundation for Rapid Duplication
The Foundation for Rapid Duplication

The Foundation for Rapid Duplication

Go to any McDonald's at 7 o'clock in the evening and you're likely
to find it being run by a 19- or 20-year old who just recently
graduated from teenage acne. It's possible this 19-year old has a
mother who won't let him borrow her Volvo because she doesn't
trust him with it. Yet, this same 19-year old is successfully running
an operation that does in excess of $3 million a year in sales.
What's the secret?

A system.

One of the most complete, specific and tested systems ever
developed. A system that can turn any 15-year old into an
effective, efficient, and productive employee. One to three items
go in this bag; four to six items go in the next size bag; here are
the napkins you use; here's where you get them from; here's what
day of the week you order them; and here's when they'll be

You see the same thing in the military. Eighteen-year old kids are
flying fighter jets that cost more than the gross national product
of developing countries. But there's a pre-flight checklist, an
in-flight checklist, a post-flight checklist, and probably a
checklist just for the checklists.

Having this kind of system to follow created a quantum leap in the
success ratios of start-up businesses. Franchises with
comprehensive systems have a dramatically higher level of success
than independent businesses.

So how does that apply to your Network Marketing business?

Most people, even the moderately successful ones in Network
Marketing, don't have a system. It's because they built a network
based upon their sales talents, or because they give great
meetings, or simply their sheer strength of personality. They call
all their key people five times a day; they hold rah-rah rallies
all the time; or they are 24-hour-a-day sponsoring machines.

I know a person who prospects 30 people a day. These kinds of
people sponsor dozens and dozens of distributors a year - which
they need to do, to replace the dozens and dozens who drop out.
They walk across the stage at their company conventions; they make
lots of money; they live in nice houses; and they drive nice cars.
But they certainly aren't living the lifestyle of freedom and
controlling their own destiny. They've traded enslavement to a
boss for enslavement to a business. They are the MLM grinders.

What these people do works. It just doesn't duplicate. They work
hard and mean well, but the average person cannot duplicate what
they are doing to build their business. Now granted, they're
probably making a lot more money in their networking enslavement
than they were making in their job - but they're still enslaved.
They can't really show other people how to escape the rat race,
because they're still trapped in it.

A system gives you security, it helps you build depth faster, and
most importantly, it allows you to leverage your time and talents
for maximum effect. It gives you the opportunity to bring in
people who can replace you quickly, which allows you to accomplish
a very important job. You see...

Your job is to work yourself out of a job.

As quickly as possible. The true success of your business comes
from training other people to replace yourself. And then teach
them how to teach their people the same thing. This is when you
can get some tremendous exponential growth taking place.

You move up from linear income, such as you get marketing your
products, and get the leveraged income, by creating a large,
growing organization, which is also marketing those products.

The secret of a system is that every stage of the business building
process is spelled out. So anyone who joins the network can follow
the same successful process that brought him or her in, instead of
having to go through a trial and error scenario.

This also makes the business work for people who are not natural
sales types, and have fear of rejection. In other words, it is
more duplicable for more people.

Your system should completely delineate and spell out the entire
process that a distributor will follow from where to find
prospects, how to approach them, how to sponsor them, and how to
train them to reach the higher advancement ranks. Each stage in
this process should be written down somewhere, and taught to the
distributor at the appropriate time.

Here's a breakdown of the six key elements that should be included
in your system to provide strong duplication:

1) A Step-by-Step Recruiting Process

This should be a step-by-step process that anyone who joins your
organization - whether they're a doctor or waitress, Ph.D. or high
school dropout - follows when they approach a candidate about the
business. My advice is to structure it as what I call a "ladder of
escalation," so that at each stage the prospect is looking at the
business, it escalates into a bigger event than the preceding one.

An example of this would be a process like the one below:
Step one: a recruiting tool
Step two: attending a home meeting
Step three: attending a hotel opportunity meeting
Step four: participating on a live webcast or national conference

In a scenario like this, each time the prospect sees the
opportunity, it seems to be a bigger deal than the time before,
because there is a bigger crowd involved. This creates social
proof, and a sense of urgency.

2) Mass Market Prospecting Tool

This component is a recruiting tool that distributors can use in
the mass marketplace. It may be a CD, DVD, but more often is a
brochure or magazine. You want a tool that people can leave in
their doctor and dentist offices, at the car wash, in hotel
lobbies, in airplane seat pockets and other places where it can
reach prospects they haven't met. This tool must be priced low, so
it can be distributed in large quantities.

3) Warm Market Introduction Tool

This component is the tool your people will use when they approach
their friends, neighbors, and relatives. In other words a tool
that they can give to people that they know and have a relationship
with. This tool can cost more, and is likely to be an audio or

4) Standardized Presentation

A standardized presentation is an important requirement to create
true duplication. Presenting is an integral part of the business,
and where a lot of recruiting is done. It's important that the
presentation is uniform throughout the organization. This way
anyone in your sponsorship line can come to town and present for
your team, and you can travel anywhere to present for your people,
and everyone is using the same outline.

Of course there will be some different jokes and stories that
reflect each person's personality, but the basic structure of the
presentation should be the same everywhere.

5) Standardized "Fast Start" Training

Another important element of duplication is the training your new
distributors receive when they first join the business. I believe
you make or break your new people in the first two weeks - and the
first 48 hours are critical.

If people go into action immediately, they usually stay in action.
If they don't get into action right away, then unfounded fears,
inertia and procrastination usually prevent them from ever taking

Likewise, if they get some people sponsored early on, this success
builds belief and confidence, creating momentum that builds upon
itself. If they don't get some small but early successful results,
doubt and indecision often lead to inactivity. Getting people
started in the first 48 hours will dramatically reduce your dropout

For all of these reasons, you need to have a "fast start," or
"quick start" training for all new people to go through. This
should include all of the basic action steps they need to do on
joining the business. This includes things like setting up a
website, making their candidate list, printing business cards,
setting up a bank account and purchasing marketing materials. More
importantly, it should get people into action, making their first
approaches to prospects, and conducting their first home meetings.

Recommended Resources: If your company or sponsorship line doesn't
have a structured get started training in place, I have developed a
generic tool that will help you here. It is called the "Fast Track
Pack," and it includes my "First Steps" booklet and the follow
along audios, "What You Need to Know First," "Getting Started," and
"Secrets of a Dynamic Day." It also comes with the "Check Out the
Biz," a generic DVD presentation of an opportunity meeting. You
can use these and supplement them with any other materials
available from your company. You can find the Pack available in
the resource store located at:

6) Training Event Structure

The final component necessary for strong duplication is your
training event structure. This is usually a combination of field
sponsored and company provided events, such as the annual
convention. I believe that the field needs a major event each
quarter to keep them inspired, focused, and properly trained.

These six components are the foundation for creating solid, ongoing
duplication in your team. As you set them up, you want to keep
three things in mind. You are looking for ways you can systemize
them, automate them, and make them scalable. Once you do that,
you are well on your way to a true passive income. You no longer
become essential to the process. Even if you back away from the
business at a later date, the system keeps perpetuating itself.

In our next lesson, we'll look at how you locate the best
prospects, and dial up your recruiting efforts. So make sure by
then you have the things we discussed today in place, so you know
what to do with all these new distributors. Until then, have a
great week!


P.S. For the fastest growth, please forward this lesson to all of
your key leaders. And if this lesson was sent to you and you want
to sign up for the entire series, go to http://www.networkmarketingtimes.com/freemlmcourse/
and register. The course is free. And for other Randy Gage resources go to http://www.RandyGage.com/cmd.php?af=958939

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