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Top 10 Tips for Getting Noticed Online

Top 10 Tips for Getting Noticed Online
Top 10 Tips for Getting Noticed Online

Top 10 Tips for Getting Noticed Online

Top 10 Tips for Getting Noticed Online


Are you hoping to get more attention and to have more people notice you online?


Here are the top 10 tips I have to offer you based on my online experience.


  1. Develop as many websites as you can. Dont rely only on one. Make sure that you have at least one personal website and then develop as many other theme based sites as you have the time and money to maintain. For example, you could have one for your business, one for your family, one for one of your hobbies, another for another hobby, and another for your religion etc.
  2. Make sure you have and maintain an email list. In fact, you should ideally have more than one. One for your business and then at least another one, which offers a free ecourse on a topic in which you have a specialty. Include a newsletter and send it out on a regular basis at least once a month.
  3. Visit and post regularly to forums. Find ones, which relate not only to your business but also to your hobbies. Show up often and offer useful comments and also write articles and post them where appropriate.
  4. Write articles. Make them about any topic with which you are comfortable and about which you have knowledge. Distribute them massively throughout the web. Consider articlemarketer.com for help in doing this.
  5. Dont forget to create profiles on all of the main search engine and directory pages. Some basics to include are : Yahoo, Lycos, and MSN.
  6. Write Blogs and update them regularly. Write one for your business and at least one for a hobby or another interest. Promote them by listing them in blog directories as well as in the search engines.
  7. Submit your website to directories. The higher traffic they receive and the more specific to the topic they are they better. Avoid ones, which require a reciprocal URL. All these do is distract your visitors from your site.
  8. Join networking sites and then show up and participate actively share your knowledge and get to know other people. Establish relationships and then share what you have to offer.
  9. Visit other people's blogs and guest books and then post useful and interesting comments. Add in your URL.
  10. Post free classified ads to websites offering listings in your local area. Some examples of these include: tribe.net, yahoo local classifieds, and pressmania.com.


Above all, have patience and be persistent. Getting noticed online takes time and it doesnt just happen over night.

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