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John Haremza
Company - Valentus

Interview with John Haremza

John Haremza is a true model and inspiration for the business of MLM. He is in the top 20 of MLM Earners in the World making in excess of $4 million dollars a year!!! and soon he will in the top 10. He is a truly special individual and an incredible role model for others seeking leadership in the great buusiness of MLM. He is humble, giving, unpretentious, down to earth and a really good guy. John througout his career has been responsible for over $500 million in sales and his downlines/organizations have earned over $200 million. I have seen many top distributors in this business who earn big checks, but unfortunately allow it to go to their heads and flaunt their wealth, materialism in a totally superficial and selfish manner trying to win Prospects and Distributors over by flaunting this. Prospects and Distributors in MLM need guidance, education and systems to embrace to find their own success in MLM and people like John offer that unselfishly. In addition to his training's, His book and pamphlets on finding success in MLM are no doubt possibly the best written to date and that puts him in unbelievable company.

I did an Interview with John while he was visiting the Philippines to speak to the numerous Philippine Distributors involved with the company he is earning his big checks in. The Interview as follows:

1. What did you do before network marketing, were you successful in that endeavor and how were you first introduced to network marketing and get started at first?

I was maintenance manager at a Potato Chip company in Perham, Minnesota. Perham is a very, very small town in very rural Minnesota. I was certainly successful as a maintenance manager. My team loved me, management respected me, I was on-call 24/7 and I was earning $9.50 an hour.

I was invited to a friend’s house to hear about water filters. I got there hours late due to a problem at the plant. I walked in late, smelling like a potato chip, wearing my safety glasses and boots and a hair net. I can still imagine those suits from Minneapolis thinking “we waited hours for this guy”. I went to the meeting expecting to be asked to build a display, I had no idea it was all about sales.

To me the very fact that I went to the meeting was an example of keeping your commitments. All I really wanted to do, after a tough day at the plant, was to go home and flake out on the couch. But I committed to go, so I went, and my life has never been the same after that night.

I was the only one of 5 there that got excited and I signed up for 4 filters on the spot and decided that I was going to go all in with a borrowed $5000. I wrote a check for $480 which they agreed to hold till the next Friday. I invested a borrowed $5000 and worked the business part time for 6 months then went full time at a huge risk. This meant that I left best job I ever had. Everyone, family, friends, fellow-workers and management thought I was crazy.

2. How many companies have you been involved and in what capacity?

I have been involved in 4 companies one of which became 2 companies. In every company I rose quickly to leadership. At my initial water filter company, I earned $400,000 in 4 years and I fell in love with Network Marketing. I learned the importance of timing and consumable products. Realizing that I had missed the timing window I moved on and joined a 2 year old company with $2,000,000 annual sales and with consumable products. I rose quickly to become one of the top 15 leaders and I was elected to the board of directors. Over the next 12 years I earned $4,000,000. Unfortunately, the company was sold then merged then sold again and I lost my belief.

I was asked to join a startup company as the Master Distributor. I spent 12 years there and between that company and its sister company earned $12,000,000. Although my income was down it was very scary to walk away from. Due to issues of trust and other factors that impacted my belief I walked away from a monthly income of $50,000 and joined my current company in 2016.

Whether it was luck, wisdom or just good fortune I never made a mistake. Every time I moved due to corporate issues my earnings increased.

3. Did you have an opinion about network marketing before you decided to sign up?

I thought it was one of those businesses where you make no money and lose your friends. As far as I knew back then there was only Amway.

4. What was it about (your company) that made the difference for you and give you the feeling this was the one or did they all do that at all?

What I’ve learned and I talk about this in my book, “Right or Almost Right” is that there are 5 critical elements – company, product, compensation, timing and training and support. If any of these critical elements are missing no matter how hard you work, you will not be nearly as successful as you should be. I always use these elements as a basis for my choice.

At the end of the day I believe 100% that network marketing is the ‘better way‘ and these 5 elements are critical for success.

5. Did you have a particular game plan in becoming successful with (your company) ?

Every company has a system and I believe we should embrace that system. Don’t fight the system and remember that everything you do sets an example. Always ask yourself question, “Is this the right example”.

I have always believed in the power of a DMO, (Daily Method of Operation). Take a simple sheet of paper and write down the critical items you want to address that day, then do the most critical first.

To answer your question the most important element is belief. Without belief you will never attract the right people or do the right things.

6. Do you have trainer, speakers or others that have played a role in your growth and success in the business?

I would not have been successful if I had not changed my basic beliefs by listening to speakers such as Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar and my all-time favorite, Jim Rohn. My early mentor was Jeff Roberti and both Todd Smith and Randy Schroeder played a huge roll in my success.

7. How specifically do you build your business in so much as personal recruitment, helping those in your organization, advertising, promotion, meeting, etc….?

I believe that fundamentally network marketing is a person-to-person business. I certainly use Social Media as an incredible message tool.

8. Is recruiting just a numbers game for you or are you particular about who you sponsor in and what do you offer them and they in turn have to give you?

It is a numbers game, but everybody deserves a chance. The importance is in spending time with right people. You can spend months trying to make someone successful.

How do you know who you should spend time with? They call you. You don’t have to remind them about critical events or phone calls. The right people leave clues.

Spending time with wrong people is a big mistake. You can’t push a rope.

But I believe that everybody deserves an opportunity to build the incredible success possible in this business.

9. How do you and do you duplicate other leaders?

The all-time best way is to set an example of servant leadership. It is only by building others up that we can be successful in network marketing. I’ve seen over and over again that lone rangers lose.

10. Do you use social media and how important is it to your business?

Social media is a tool that I am using but I feel that I could know more about it and use it better.

11. If there was one thing you could suggest to someone just entering in the business what would that be?

People ask that all the time. I believe that belief is the key.

And be consistent. If you’re not consistent you’re starting over all the time

These are the critical items. Make a list, never, never prejudge, talk to people, take responsibility and don’t quit, never, never, never quit. Persistence is the key to success.

12. What is your monthly income and how many people in your organization?

My monthly income now exceeds $400,000 a month and I estimate that I have over 100,000 customers and members in my organization.

13. How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

I’ve learned so much and in particular I’ve learned the value every person brings to the team.

Don’t let success go to your head. Greed and ego may lead to short term gain, but they eventually result in long term disaster.

Don’t take anyone for granted.

Always remember where you are and who helped you get there. And be prepared to fail. I’ve learned more by failures and challenges than by success.

14. What are your plans for your future?

I continue to stay focused on building my business and I want to give back to this incredible industry with my audios, “Right or Almost Right” book, booklets, internet tips (johnharemza.com).

I want to be an ambassador for this industry.

I can see my company as a $500,000,000 company in 5 years or less.

Always remember where you are and who helped you get there. And be prepared to fail. I’ve learned more by failures and challenges than by success.

John Haremza

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