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Robert Butwin

1. What did you do before network marketing, were you successful in that endeavor and how were you first introduced to network marketing and get started at first?

When a friend introduced me to network marketing, I was working in a family business. Unfortunately, a problem was that there was too much family in that business and it was my family. Yes, I was successful there; but I knew there was a bigger plan for my life than just trading time for dollars. I imagined what life would be like IF I was free to really make a positive difference. While growing up I saw many examples of successful entrepreneurs so I knew the work habits necessary to be successful.

2. How many companies have you been involved in and in what capacity?

In the past 33 years I have worked in many different companies and still collect checks from three of them -- one I haven't worked in 30 years and the others I haven't worked in 15 years. These are large successful enterprises -- two have over a billion dollar in sales. I haven't ever worked a company that has gone out of business. My capacity was as a distributor - reaching the top level in the compensation plans in every company since 1990. I also speak internationally and consult with top distributors and company owners.

3. Did you have an opinion about network marketing before you decided to sign up?

When I got started the only thing I knew was that many people were earning a lot of money. I knew nothing about network marketing. The one thing I realized was if others could accomplish the success they were having...so could I. I would just have to locate the right mentor.

What really attracted me to this business was the kind of lifestyle that others could live by helping people become successful. It's a perfect business model. I just had to learn from those who had accomplished the success that I so badly wanted. One of my biggest lessons was learning the attitude of gratitude. Be happy with everything that is happening as you are working on what you want your life to be. Now I can help others have the success that I was able to accomplish.

4. What was it about (your company) that made the difference for you and give you the feeling this was the one or did they all do that at all?

I thought every company that I started to work was the ONE. What usually happens is that as companies evolve, they make changes...either because they listen to the wrong people or for some other reasons. When I felt the company I was working was not the right choice to involve people in, I chose to find a better business.

5. Did you have a particular game plan in becoming successful with (your company) ?

Yes, I had a game plan. It begins with attracting people who have an interest in the products or an interest in creating a better life through the business. Another focus is retaining the people you have attracted. Small improvements in retention mean a large increase in the profitability of your business. What I have learned is if you build people, people build businesses. My goal is to create interdependent, not codependent relationships. The best way I have accomplished this is by plugging people into the right tools and shifting my role with the business. Remember, others look to see if they can do what you do. If you use tools, you are more duplicatable.

6. Do you have trainer, speakers or others that have played a role in you growth and success in the business?

I have learned from many of the great masters in our profession. Big Al, Sandy Elsberg, Jeff Babener, Jeffery Combs, Jerry Clark, Jim Rohn, Robert Natiuk, Doris Wood, Randy Meyer, Bruce Bice, Todd Falcone, Mel Gil, Artemis Limpert, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Robert Anthony, Malcom Gladwell, Ted Nicholas, Jim Lupkin, Tony Policci, Don and Nancy Failla along with countless others. One of the biggest things I have learned is we will all have different experiences as we move forward building our businesses. When those experiences happen, do you use them to stop you from accomplishing the success you deserve or as a stepping stone to insure you will accomplish success.

7. How specifically do you build your business in so much as personal recruitment, helping those in your organization, advertising, promotion, meeting, etc….?

I use all of the above. It begins with attracting the right people on your TEAM. I love the acronym for team. Together Everyone Achieves Miracles. Everyone has different styles of what they are comfortable doing. I begin helping them to start and gain success with what they are comfortable doing before I help them add other ways to attract the right team members. The leaders that I associate with learned the secret of how to effectively work with others. My belief is I want more than one iron in the fire.

8. Is recruiting just a numbers game for you or are you particular about who you sponsor in and what do you offer them and they in turn have to give you?

It is a numbers game and with that being said, I work only with those people who are serious about being successful. I test people to see if their actions are consistent with what they say they are going to do. If I am going to invest my resources in helping people, they have to be serious.

9. How do you and do you in fact have success in duplicating other leaders in your organization?

If you are not able to duplicate, you will only have short-term success. Your long-term success in this business will be proportional to your ability to duplicate. What I have found is if you use tools you have a better chance of duplicating yourself and so will others.

10. Do you use social media and how important is it to your business?

To me social media is the future along with proper use of technology. The key is when you meet someone online get them offline right away. I have been having success with LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. Keeping messages short has worked the best for me which contradicts what I learned about marketing.

11. If there was one thing you could suggest to someone just entering in the business what would that be?

Everything begins with your beliefs followed by proper actions. Listen to your self talk and replace the negative with positive self talk. I remember when I started out, my self talk was if others could do it, so could I. I had to learn which of my beliefs were helping accomplish my goals and which ones I should change. What this business is really about is helping people make changes so they will be successful. The key to changing is the 3 A's -- Aware, Accept and Action. Be Aware that you should make a change, Accept that you really want this change and take the Action steps to insure that change will really happen. Remember these 5 simple but profound words. If nothing changes...nothing changes.

Also, if people believe the promise of what this business has to offer, they will pay the price of doing the right activities. It is up to us to deliver simple and profound messages. They have to crawl first, then walk before they run.

12. What is your monthly income and how many people in your organization?

My biggest organization was 40,000 people. I am more into people than numbers. I have made millions of dollars over the years. What is really important to me is not how much I have made, but what I have done with the money that I have made by helping many others become successful.

13. How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

This business has definitely changed my life from trying to survive to thriving. Now, I am able to spend more time with those who really matter, my family. I have traveled more than two million air miles helping others.

14. What are your plans for your future?

My plans are to share the wisdom that I have gained with as many people as possible so they will understand this profession and be successful. It is my belief that if people truly understood this business, everyone would be involved. I would like to help change perceptions of this business in the market place. I want to help as many people become psychologically unemployable as possible.

15. Anything else you feel important to know about you including your monthly earnings if you feel appropriate to share.

It does not matter where you start your working life and where you are now. The most important thing is the direction you are headed and where you choose to end up.

One of the many things that I have learned from Sandy Elsberg is that what we are really selling in this business is can the person you are prospecting be successful and will we help them. What I have learned is everyone has the ability to be successful -- not that they will use their abilities. As for you helping them, only you can answer that question. In our profession, companies either offer products or services. Because of that, most people believe this business is about selling products or recruiting others to sell products. I would like to shift that perception. This business is about educating people on how what you offer will help them. People for the most part do not want to be sold but love to buy if they understand the value of what they are buying and how it will make their life better. MLM is Making Life Meaningful.

I've earned millions of dollars and used it to help my family and others live more meaningful lives.

Robert Butwin
Live Smart, Enjoy Life &
Make a Difference

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