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ARIIX Partners with MaVie

DSN Staff
ARIIX Partners with MaVie

June 16, 2020

ARIIX announced its merger with MaVie, an international network marketing company offering personalized DNA services and products.

Founded in 2018, MaVie combines DNA testing and customized nutrition in a wide range of health and wellness products. The company has achieved over $20 million in revenue.

“Organic growth and external growth through mergers and acquisitions have always been at the heart of the ARIIX business strategy and House of Brands philosophy,” said ARIIX President and Founder Mark Wilson. “Our truly unique compensation structure facilitates successful merging with other network marketing companies without changing their organizational structures. We look forward to getting to know MaVie Representatives, and we give them our warmest welcome.”

Through the partnership, MaVie Representatives will unify with the current ARIIX Representative base by transitioning to the ARIIX ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan. MaVie Representatives will also have access to the ARIIX products in all available ARIIX registered markets. MaVie product availability to ARIIX Representatives will be determined at a future date. During the gradual integration process, both companies’ businesses will continue to operate as usual.

“Since the launch of MaVie, the company has sought to enlarge and expand its unique opportunity on a global scale,” said MaVie CEO and Founder Abboud Barakat. “Our partnership with ARIIX provides the ideal environment for significant growth. While ARIIX will provide the MaVie family with greater worldwide sales reach, we are most excited for the opportunity to work within its ethical and value-driven business model—a model that is very difficult to find today. We have no doubt that with the experience and resources which ARIIX possesses, MaVie will realize and achieve the vision that it has aspired to since our company’s inception.”

Recognized as No. 35 on the 2020 DSN Global 100 list of the top revenue-generating direct selling companies in the world, ARIIX has recently achieved year-over-year global revenue growth of approximately 5 percent, from $220 million in 2018 to $230 million in 2019.

ARIIX is officially open in 23 markets, and MaVie has full business operations in nine markets.

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