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r network News

r network News
 r network News


r network News

rNetwork, its past and future

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 09:46 AM PDT

rNetwork is a next-generation Participation Marketplace platform powered by our proprietary software and Payment Engine technology.

We are uniquely positioned to disrupt the advertising and online marketplaces for products and services in 2020 and beyond. Our marketplace is a buying collective made up of thousands of tiny individual networks consisting of Charter Members and FANNs.

The bigger the network grows, the better the savings, discounts and earnings are for the Company and for the Charter Members who participate.

For the first time rNetwork is giving the profits and savings back to the individual and creating a marketplace where everyone wins.

Over the last few years rNetwork Founders and Members have been involved with several other companies and a great many questions have been raised while the company worked on achieving the goals above. This message is designed to clear up any past confusion and to clarify the current business relationships and positions within the companies in question.

At this time, none of the Founding members are associated with, have ownership rights in, or endorse any of the companies that they previously founded, consulted with, or were members of.

This includes Divvee International, Nui Social, the Digital Vault, and Revvcard.

Any and all previous statements by rNetwork Founders and current or past executives that convey such a message are outdated or erroneous and should be immediately taken down from Affiliate’s individual pages, video hosting sites, and news sites.

At rNetwork we appreciate your understanding and support and look forward to a wonderful future!

This is an official statement by rNetwork and any information contained herein supersedes any prior statements concerning this subject matter.

Any questions should be directed to

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