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Amway and Computop Announce Partnership on Omnichannel Payment Solution

Amway and Computop Announce Partnership on Omnichannel Payment Solution
Amway and Computop Announce Partnership on Omnichannel Payment Solution

By DSN Staff | November 20, 2019


Computop, Inc., a leading global payment processor, and Amway, the world’s largest direct selling company, today announced they are partnering on a comprehensive omnichannel payment solution.

The partnership between Computop and Amway includes Amway’s business across North, Central and South America.

The initiative kicks off supporting Point-of-Sale (PoS) processing, with Amway choosing highly secure PCI P2PE card-processing terminals connected via the Computop Paygate payment platform. Computop will route transactions to several local acquirers and include both global and local credit and debit card payment processing functionality. E-commerce payment functionality will be added in phases for a complete omnichannel solution for Amway.

“Amway’s global presence includes operations in fourteen countries within the Americas,” said Jussi Sullivan, director of Global Treasury for Amway. “Each of these markets has historically maintained their own payment processors, leaving us to manage many integrations. This move will harmonize these payment processes across these markets and will allow us to offer the newest payment options quickly and efficiently. We look forward to a great partnership with Computop, one that enables our Independent Business Owners to efficiently conduct business across all payment channels.”

“We have a long history of helping brands successfully grow their businesses around the world,” said Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop. “Through this partnership we will help Amway to address its complete payment needs across all of the Americas by offering secure international and local payment options that the consumers in these markets prefer. By extending the benefits of our international Paygate platform and our omnichannel capability to Amway, we are supporting the company’s global business and providing a payment solution that its customers trust so that all parties can transact with confidence.”

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