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doTERRA Announces New Sustainable Shipping Solutions

doTERRA Announces New Sustainable Shipping Solutions
doTERRA Announces New Sustainable Shipping Solutions

doTERRA recently announce that it is introducing new sustainable shipping solutions for North America in early 2020 as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

According to the company, changes include replacing plastic bubble wrap and air pillows with paper options; using shipping boxes made from sustainable forestry that contain less corrugate and include more recycled materials; and printing with soy-based ink. Customers should expect to see changes in the next few months.

“Environmental stewardship is a vital component of doTERRA’s mission and is imperative to our customers,” said Corey Lindley, doTERRA president and founding executive. “We are innovative in how we protect the environment through Co-Impact Sourcing, which places the good of the environment over the company’s bottom line. We have a responsibility to care for the resources we have been given and continue to actively investigate and act on opportunities to improve our environmental stewardship. These sustainable shipping improvements are yet another step in our journey of fulfilling doTERRA’s commitment to the environment.”

In addition to implementing sustainability efforts directly at the supply chain source, doTERRA has found other ways to lessen its environmental impact through community development projects, global events, corporate buildings and internal initiatives. In 2018, doTERRA’s Global Convention made history by becoming the largest zero waste event in the State of Utah. In 2019, the company installed multiple electric vehicle charging stations at its global headquarters and opened a product center in Alaska that is reducing the amount of trucks, planes and fuel needed to service doTERRA’s regional customers.

“A key focus for doTERRA is continually assessing operations and innovating ways to be more environmentally friendly,” said David Stirling, doTERRA CEO and founding executive. “Our customers will continue to see improvements in the weeks, months and years ahead.”

doTERRA also is making it easier for customers to do their part. Resources were added to Source to You to encourage customers to properly recycle or up-cycle essential oil bottles, supplement bottles and packaging. United States residents can enter their zip code to find the nearest drop-off locations for brown/amber glass recycling.

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