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Europe's largest network marketing newspaper presents QNET with Digital Business Award 2020

Europe's largest network marketing newspaper presents QNET with Digital Business Award 2020
Europe's largest network marketing newspaper presents QNET with Digital Business Award 2020

An award recognising QNET’s effort towards supporting the network in a world moving towards digitisation.

QNET’s European business is proud to be the recipient of the Digital Business Award 2020 in recognition for the company’s swift implementation of digital solutions as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe. This award was presented by Network-Karriere, a leading trade publication for the Direct Selling and Network Marketing industry in Europe, to QN Europe, the European business of QNET.

When countries around the world started going into lockdown, and Europe in particular experienced a major spike in infections, the direct selling industry which relies on relationship-based marketing and person to person sales, was immediately impacted. QN Europe realised that its distributor network would be hard hit as their business would be forced into a standstill.

Jérôme Hoerth, General Manager of QN Europe, and his team doubled down and swiftly implemented measures to ensure the network could digitise their business effectively; the network that previously relied on in-person interactions to run their business had to learn to adapt to remote work as QN Europe shifted to a digital-focused approach.

“Our network of distributors are at the heart of our business. We had to act quickly so that we could give them the tools and the support they need to take their business efforts online seamlessly. Switching to digital communications so quickly was not an easy task,” Jérôme Hoerth recalls. “As a company that operates in many parts of Europe, we had to provide support in at least 3 languages for our network from the get-go.”

The digitisation process at QN Europe was already in the works pre-pandemic but the roll out was planned over a longer period. Covid-19 forced QN Europe to adapt quickly and implement plans on a fast-track mode. Soon, QN Europe was delivering 20 online business presentations a week in 7 languages across the region.

“Furthermore, we also organised online social media workshops for our distributors to train them on using social media effectively for business building. We also helped them explore virtual communication tools to keep their teams motivated. Additionally, QN Europe established an online business academy that coached new distributors on the business and gave them support over multiple time zones.” says Hoerth.

Network-Karriere, the longest standing network marketing and direct selling industry publisher in Europe, based in Germany, was established 18 years ago by Bernd Seitz. A prominent figure in the network marketing industry, he started Network-Karriere to report on and recognise the hard work and accomplishments of network marketing distributors and their respective companies. Currently, Network-Karriere has over 320,000 registered readers worldwide. The publisher’s annual awards are unique to the industry, adapting awards based on current events and how businesses can contribute towards the wellbeing of their distributors and network.

“As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused much unease and uncertainty.” says Malou Caluza, Chief Executive Officer of QNET. “I am extremely proud of what the team at QN Europe has done so far, and the award is a testament to their hard work. They have overcome numerous challenges to ensure the wellbeing of the network.”

“The network is always the top priority for us,” Caluza adds. “and we are continuously improving our digital strategies to ensure the network is supported fully through these rough times. It is important that we establish clear and effective lines of communication as we adapt to a socially-distanced society.”

This is QNET’s sixth award in 2020. Earlier this year, QNET received a Gold Globee International Award® at the 7th Annual 2020 Customer Sales and Service World Awards®, 3 Gold Award wins in the 17th Annual Mar Com Awards 2020, and two Bronzes at the 2020 International Business Awards® and Stevie Asia-Pacific 2020 respectively.

About QN Europe

Founded in 2014, QN Europe is the European business of e-commerce based direct selling company QNET. With a strong emphasis on sustained R&D investment, QN Europe offers a diverse and innovative portfolio of products ranging from home, beauty & wellbeing, to luxury products that meet the highest manufacturing standards in Europe.

QN Europe offers a modern business model that empowers individuals to achieve financial autonomy via a network of independent sales representatives. By equipping representatives with sales and product training that adhere to best business practices, this business model has proven highly successful as it resonates greatly with a growing portion of a population looking for autonomous, flexible, and rewarding work.

For more information, please visit QN Europe’s website at https://www.qneurope.com/uk.

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