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New Avon Donates $2 Million Worth of Personal Care Products to Feed the Children

New Avon Donates $2 Million Worth of Personal Care Products to Feed the Children
New Avon Donates $2 Million Worth of Personal Care Products to Feed the Children

April 2, 2020

New York-based Avon has stepped up its 16-year partnership with Feed the Children in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

This month, New Avon donated $2 million worth of personal care products such as soap, body wash and skincare products to the organization to support these families in need during this unprecedented time.

“Avon is proud to have partnered with Feed the Children since 2004,” said Avon CEO Paul Yi. “Because of our longstanding relationship, it made sense to work with Feed the Children for their COVID-19 relief efforts. They work diligently to get our products to the people who need them most.”

According to the company. one of the harshest realities of COVID-19 and the necessity of the social distancing that tragically shutters numerous businesses and puts countless people out of work is a family’s sudden inability to access essential supplies and to afford them even if they can. Feed the Children works closely with community partners like schools, civic organizations and food banks to serve the most vulnerable populations and others who may be experiencing difficulty due to a job loss in this uncertain environment.

Over the last sixteen years, Avon has donated over 15,000,000 pounds of personal care and beauty products, clothing, shoes and home essentials to Feed the Children for distribution to families in need. In the last six months alone, Avon donations totaled over $40 million worth of necessities, bringing relief to nearly a million families including 3.5 million women and girls in 48 states and the District of Columbia, many of whom have shared their stories of improved self-confidence and empowerment as a result of their Feed the Children x Avon deliveries.

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