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New Social Sharing Company Ami Wellness Launches

New Social Sharing Company Ami Wellness Launches
New Social Sharing Company Ami Wellness Launches

By DSN Staff | October 24, 2019

Ami Wellness

Ami Wellness, a new social sharing company offering herbal remedies, officially launched on Oct. 16.

Founded by Triniti Gawthrop, the Indiana-based company will offer plant-based herbal supplements in both topical and ingestible forms.

Ami Wellness
“Our unique approach unites adaptogens and nervines with traditional herbal remedies—and in some products, cannabinoids—to support the body’s natural ability to regulate and restore itself,” said Gawthrop. “We’re entering the social selling marketplace with a global approach to plant-based medicine while targeting the categories that drive women to alternative medicine: pain, sleep and mood.”

Gawthrop stresses that while some of the products will contain the hemp derivative, Ami Wellness is not a CBD company. “Our mission is to create better balance by replacing the toxins found in everyday products with the intelligent combination of exceptional yet safe plant-based alternatives,” she explained. “CBD is a powerful ingredient, but that alone it is not enough.”

Ami Wellness
Gawthrop and her team have worked with herbalists and formulators to unite plant-based ingredients found in Eastern Medicine and Western Herbalism, including the use of high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract in some products. However, Gawthrop has pledged to follow FDA guidelines. All formulations containing CBD will remain topical until the FDA approves CBD as a dietary supplement.

In addition to incorporating top business platforms and back-office development, Gawthrop has sought out top industry talent. Industry veteran Jennifer Johnson has joined the company as vice president of Field Development and Rhonda Daniels was appointed vice president of Sales Strategy. They are supported by Aleesha Duensing, business coordinator, and Karen Billingsley, director of Customer Service.

Ami Wellness is launching in most major cities this month.

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