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ReAction®/My Life’s Simple™ Anticipates $25m Payout to Ambassadors in 2020

ReAction®/My Life’s Simple™ Anticipates $25m Payout to Ambassadors in 2020
ReAction®/My Life’s Simple™ Anticipates $25m Payout to Ambassadors in 2020

My Life’s Simple™ is on track to pay it’s Ambassadors in excess of $25 million under their lucrative compensation program in FY2020 as a direct result of the overwhelmingly positive reception of their line of ReAction® Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Products.

ReAction® is quickly becoming a leader in the Hemp industry by providing safe, reliable, powerful Products backed up by its exclusive Team of expert My Life’s Simple™ Direct Sales Ambassadors.

ReAction® is made exclusively using Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts (FSE), which means every part of the hemp plant is utilized with nothing left behind, it’s not made from just isolates or distillates like most others. All ReAction® Products are derived from hemp that is grown under the guidance of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. This Program was made Federally legal by the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill. ReAction® works exclusively with a NCIHPP Licensed Hemp Cultivator and Processor who is the only company that is ISO 9001 and certified in both. In simple terms, ISO 9001 Certification is recognized as the preeminent way for an organization to prove they take delivering a quality service and/or product seriously. In addition, ReAction® is made in an ISO 17025 Lab and Manufacturing facility. Every ReAction® Product undergoes rigorous testing throughout every step of the process and by a third-party state certified lab to guarantee quality, purity, safety and potency – ensuring all products meet or exceed regulatory requirements. ReAction® owns or controls every step of the process – from the hemp farms where the product is grown, to the processing, production and packaging – and it all happens right in North Carolina, USA. ReAction® is 100% committed to providing the highest quality, Full Spectrum Extract Products on the market today.

As the marketing arm of ReAction®, My Life’s Simple™ is committed to helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results by providing a system to create a sustainable, ongoing residual income while improving the User’s quality of life. To that end, My Life’s Simple™ has arguably the most lucrative Compensation Plans offered in the Direct Sales Industry. My Life’s Simple™ offers aggressive weekly residual income from their Binary Plan (that never “flushes”) and 6 additional Bonus Earning Programs. The Hemp Industry is projected to have 700%+ growth in the next year and My Life’s Simple™ projects payouts to it’s Ambassadors in 2020 to be in excess of $25 million!

Katie Mapel, Director of Marketing had this to say: “I grew up in direct selling, having spent my entire professional career in this industry. There is no other industry in the world like it, and no other industry I would rather commit my time and talents to, and there is no other company quite like My Life’s Simple™. The Products, compensation plan and leadership are second to none. My Life’s Simple™ and ReAction® are on track to transform both the direct selling and CBD industries”!

ReAction®…beyond CBD.

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