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Young Living Donates $55,000 to Tracy Aviary

Young Living Donates $55,000 to Tracy Aviary
Young Living Donates $55,000 to Tracy Aviary

April 6, 2020

Young Living announced a $55,000 donation to Tracy Aviary to help it maintain operations and support conservation efforts while it is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 82-year-old Salt Lake City-based Tracy Aviary is the oldest and largest free-standing aviary in the United States, annually welcoming more than 130,000 guests and reaching another 60,000 through outreach education efforts including the award-winning Nature in the City, a free program offered throughout Salt Lake County, and a conservation program that engages more than 100 volunteer community scientists to help conduct research along the Jordan River. A visit to the aviary encourages appreciation for the natural world and fosters an interest in environmental responsibility.

“Tracy Aviary plays a crucial role in helping our community understand why conservation is so important. It’s one thing to read about saving the environment and quite another thing to see so many amazing birds and other animals up close and realizing the impact they have on the world around us,” said Jared Turner, president and COO at Young Living. “We’re honored to be able to donate to this special community landmark and ensure it continues to thrive during these challenging times.”

The donation was raised from the sales of Young Living’s Feather the Owl Oil Diffuser, an exclusive, custom-designed ultrasonic diffuser that functions as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, night-light and white-noise machine all in one. The owl-themed diffusers were released last year and have been sold out multiple times, proving that both the diffuser and the great cause behind it have been popular within the Young Living community. To date, Young Living has donated a total of $125,000 to the Aviary from this initiative.

“The pandemic is an unprecedented experience for us, and the aviary will feel the pinch from being closed during spring break and as it gets warmer,” said Tim Brown, president and CEO of Tracy Aviary. “We rely on a combination of admission, memberships, gift shop sales and other revenue to raise funds that help us ensure our birds receive the best food, care and attention possible. A donation of this size will go a long way toward helping us maintain top quality welfare for the birds in our collection, and keep staff employed so that we’re ready to meet the needs of the community when the social distancing and stay home orders are lifted. We’d also like to invite the public to donate what they can to the aviary during this crisis. Our goal is to avoid allowing the pandemic to impact our programs and conservation efforts.”

While the aviary is currently closed to the public, it has made many valuable resources available, including videos for children and curriculum for parents and teachers through its website and its social channels, including Facebook.

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