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Ottawa Logistics

Ottawa Logistics

Our MLM and Direct Selling Fulfillment Services

Ottawa Logistics has a successful track record of implementing and executing sophisticated Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Sellingfulfillment programs for some of the world’s largest MLM companies. If you’re searching for a competent company to successfully run the fulfillment for your program, not any run of the mill fulfillment company will be up for the task. MLM fulfillment programs are extremely difficult to perform with little to no error for a number of reasons. They require a highly personal partner that has an uncanny attention to the details. Presentation of every piece of material is vitally important, so the fulfillment partner must be able to ensure high quality presentation permeates throughout the entire campaign. Each direct sales campaign is different, and may require high levels of customization with complex and detailed requirements, including kitting and assembly service. Of course, a successfully run Multi Level Marketing fulfillment program requires that the provider is well able to handle an extremely high volume of orders. Because Ottawa Logistics has experience with handling these types of projects, the company is best suited to meet your strict requirements. Why should you trust Ottawa Logistics for your MLM fulfillment campaign?


Because we run current MLM programs with major shipping carriers, we have significant discounts on freight rates – which we can pass on to you.


One often overlooked component when searching for an appropriate provider is finding an adequate ‘fit’ in terms of size of the company. If you choose a company that is too large, while they may be able to handle the sizeable volume, they may not offer the right amount of customization required in this type of a program. On the other end of the spectrum, if you choose a company that is too small, while they may be more progressive in terms of flexibility, they may implode when dealt a high volume of orders. Ottawa Logistics is not too large and not too small – offering the perfect balance between capability to handle large order volumes while at the same time offering a high degree of flexibility and customization.


Based in Ottawa Canada and serving most of the major markets of Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal), Ottawa Logistics is strategically located for Canadian distribution. Furthermore, with strategic partnership in Dallas Texas, our company offers one point of contact for MLM distributionthroughout Canada and the US.


Ottawa Logistics offers its customers over 100,000 square feet of Class “A” storage space in the Ottawa region. Our warehousing facilities are strategically located in the heart of central Canada, with the major metropolitan centres of Toronto and Montreal in close proximity and the U.S. border less than 45 minutes away.
Warehousing Facility in Canada | Ottawa Logistics

Our Canadian warehouses are fully secured, compliant with all federal, provincial and local regulations and inspected annually by the Department of National Defense in order to handle federal government shipments.


American inventory and shipping are handled via 100,000 square feet of storage and fulfillment space in Bedford (Dallas), Texas. As with every Ottawa Logistics location, security and efficiency are paramount and our Texas facility is no different — it’s fully insured, heated and security monitored.

Through expertise gained over 80 years of logistics and fulfillment, Ottawa Logistics has the capability to quickly and efficiently expand our current locations — or source and secure new facilities anywhere in continental North America.


Warehousing Facility in United States | Ottawa Logistics

Ottawa Logistics uses a state of the art inventory management software system with sophisticated barcode technology.

Every single item stored in our facilities is affixed with a unique barcode and scanned into our tracking system. Not only does it ensure the utmost accuracy and efficiency in pick-and-pack operations, it also provides our clients real-time, comprehensive access to their product activity via our web-based “View Your Inventory” tool.

Reporting functionality gives customers a detailed view of item particulars, standing inventory, storage location, order tracking, shipment tracking and more. All reports generated can be viewed online or exported to Excel.

What’s more, our barcode tracking system is fully transportable and can be utilized at any location. Ottawa Logistics can label and scan inventory stored at remote facilities and incorporate these items into one complete portfolio of reports.


Warehousing Facility Security | Ottawa Logistics
Ottawa Logistics knows you have a significant investment in your inventory.

Ottawa Logistics warehouse facilities meet and exceed these criteria:

  • Cement and steel construction

  • Conformation to all fire and building codes

  • Complete sprinkler and alarm systems

  • Interior and exterior monitoring of the premises via security surveillance cameras

  • Trained personnel stationed at all entrances

  • Controlled Access

  • We invite you to tour our facility and view our high-security standards in person.


Unloading System, Inside Warehouse Doors Loading Dock.

Ottawa Logistics offers the service of cross docking, the ability to receive goods at one loading dock and ship them out through another door almost immediately — saving you storage fees and handling charges.

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  • Fullfilment Services
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  • Warehousing
1270 Leeds Ave , Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3W3, Canada
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