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David G. Eisenstein

David G. Eisenstein
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David G. Eisenstein, Esq., the Networks MediatorDavid is experienced in all legal and operational issues surrounding network marketing mediation, litigation, arbitration and trials, as well as trusts litigation and trust administration. David has pivoted his focus to attorney-mediator in a unique niche he has long occupied for which he enjoyed a national reputation for excellence as a complex litigation attorney within the direct sales industry. From 1989 through January, 2017, David has distinguished himself in federal and state courts around the country in cases establishing important legal precedents in the area of network marketing. He won a landmark jury verdict in Monterey County Superior Court (2002) in a dispute between key distributors and a network marketing company over wrongful termination. David litigated two cases brought by the FTC and the California Attorney General relating to the issue of "internal consumption" by distributors as that relates to regulators' claims that the MLMs involved in those cases were illegal pyramids. David has also served as outside special counsel to a multi-billion dollar publicly traded network marketing company.

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