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Mel Atwood
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With over 25 years of direct sales experience Mel Atwood, President of Envex.com, is one of the industry's leading voices. He is a strong advocate for the NWM profession and a passionate servant leader. His approach with every client is education first as he lives by the phrase "a rising tide lifts all boats".

He developed several multi-million dollar sales force organizations as a distributor and transitioned into Corporate Executive ranks with such positions as VP of Marketing, Chief Technical Officer, and Chief Operations Officer.

Mel is a highly respected consultant having worked with and provided services to companies around the globe. He has trained countless corporate executives and field professionals as a speaker and in personal mentoring sessions. Mel is an active participant and contributor in the community and has participated as a member in all major industry associations: MLMIA, ANMP, DSWA, and the DSA. He is the former Vice President for the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) and a former Advisory Board member for the Direct Sales Reps Association. Mel’s been a special advisor to the MLMIA, and he currently serves as Board Member of the Academy of Multilevel Marketing.

  • MLM Start-Up A to Z
  • Understanding Compensation Plans
  • Compensation Plan Design
  • Distributor Training
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Field Compliance
  • Business Operations
  • Software and Technology
  • International Expansion
  • 10808 S. Riverfront Parkway , #3061, South Jordan, Utah 84095, United States
  • 800-613-5434
  • mel.atwood@gmail.com

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