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Echo Media

Echo Media

Now, more than ever, advertisers are faced with an uphill battle - increased competition, more clutter in the marketplace and the challenge to deliver greater return on investment with fewer resources, reduced budgets and less time. What Can Echo Media do for you? Echo Media, founded in 1992 and privately owned, is an industry leader in direct response advertising. Our skilled staff believes that advertising must produce measurable results and a profitable return on investment while continuing to build and maintain brand awareness. Return on investment is especially critical in today's economic climate since corporate and marketing management are demanding more accountability from their media investments, as television ratings continue to drop while rates continue to rise. The call to action of direct response advertising combined with the extended reach of print media is the best way to effectively extend your reach, efficiently stretch your budget and increase response rates.

We Believe: Never throw money at unproven, immeasurable media. By combining the accountability of direct response advertising with traditional image advertising, anchored by aggressive media negotiation, we deliver measurable results at the lowest rates possible to generate the greatest return on investment. Our business and reputation depend on it. We focus on the needs of your business - not a canned approach. We work with the best names in the industry - don't take our word for it, read what they have to say. We leverage our scale to your advantage in order to increase your reach, drive response rates, and most importantly, generate sales. We have a relentless passion to find or create new media distribution channels to help our clients cut through the clutter and reach their targets. We are your single point of contact and expertise - from comprehensive media planning and aggressive media buying to creative and print production services and back-end analysis, our turnkey services save you time and money. With the many years of experience represented by our Management Team, we know how to deliver the right media at the right price to build brands and maximize response.

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900 Circle 75 Parkway Suite 600, Atlanta, Georgia 30339, United States
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