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Pacific Rim Connections Inc.

Pacific Rim Connections Inc.

Pacific Rim Connections Inc. is a specialty Consulting firm focusing on Multilevel / Network Marketingmanagement consulting in the Pacific Rim Region. For almost fifteen years, the founder Dave Holker has built a solid reputation as one of Asia's most trusted business consultants.
Pacific Rim Connections has been operating in Asia since 1997, and has developed a highly satisfied niche market of clients in most every country in Asia and across the region including China.

Dave is committed to providing quality service to the Network Marketing community. He believes, that a reputation as an honest and reliable businessman known for making things happen, is the recipe for success.

We "understand Asia" and have carried out many projects in most Asian countries. Doing business is different in Asia. Especially for market entry projects. It is vital to understand how different countries work, rather than trying to shoe-horn in solutions that work perfectly in the West, but may need to be adapted to fit the regional Asian markets.

Are you excited about the prospect of International Expansion, but not sure where to start? Too often, we have seen companies enthusiastic and willing to expand internationally daunted because of the difficulity associated with "Putting All The Pieces Together" Pacific Rim Connections provides you with all of your tools necessary to start--Today!

Mr. Holker has a wealth of knowledge and over 35 years experience within the Network Marketing industry. He has been involved in many facets from building large and successful downlines, to Consulting, and to holding Senior Executive Positions. A partial list of his clients include--Forever Living Products, Genesis International, Sunrider, Mannatech, Nature Sunshine Products, 21st Century Nutriceuticals, Enrich, Destiny Telecom, Hope Int., Healing America, Unicity, Body Extreme, NatureRich, Idayo Indicator, Ztel, Sheffield Resource Network, AlphaTrade, TWI, Dr. Nona Int., Komodo, Enliven, Zus Health, BioNovix, Maakoa, Veaya, Qivana, eXfuze, LPGN.

Mr. Holker has a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Brigham Young University and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. In November of 2005 he served as Honorary Chairman of the first forum for Globalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine held in Beijing, attended by over 300 foreign companies, and authorized by the Central Organization Committee of the Chinese Government.

In 1997 Mr. Holker Founded Pacific Rim Connections, which is a specialty consulting firm focusing on MLM/Network Marketing management consulting in the Pacific Rim Region. He has developed a highly satisfied niche market of clients in most every country in Asia and across the region, including China. Mr. Holker has lived in various parts of Asia for over 8 1/2 years.

Mr. Holker's expertise is based on the experience he has gathered and the Contacts/Connections he has made during his extended periods of service in the Pacific Rim Region along with a network of on site co-workers, and consultants he has assembled who can provide the necessary cultural bridging capabilities that in so many cases makes all the difference between a successfully concluded deal and a wasted trip.

To make things happen in Asia, you have to know people. "Knowing" is what the Chinese mean by "guan xi" or "Connections". When you cultivate "guan xi" and gain their trust---"trust is King inAsia"--Asian people will do almost anything for you. Conversely, if you show up with a legal document before Asian people get to know you and feel confortable with you, you won't get very far. Mr. Holkerlearned the importance of this "guan xi"--Connections, concept years ago. He has even given his company this name--Pacific Rim Connections!


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P.O. Box 577 , Orem, Utah 84059, United States
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