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Direct Selling Solutions

Direct Selling Solutions

History of Company

Respected Direct Selling Industry Compliance Expert, Mentor and Author, Donna Marie has worked exclusively with Direct Selling Owners and their Network Marketing Attorneys since 1991.

Donna Marie established Direct Selling Solutions with the mission to help protect, educate and mentor Network Marketing professionals on how to set-up, manage, monitor, and enforce an effective Compliance Department.

Recognizing the significance of the industry direction with the focus on Compliance, Donna Marie believes that currently Network Marketing companies have to bear the responsibility of documenting, monitoring and enforcing their Compliance efforts to a greater extent than ever before.

Donna Marie Serritella

Author of the Compliance Management System and Manual, Donna Marie has provided Compliance Department education to Network Marketing companies worldwide. Donna Marie educates and mentors Compliance Managers on best practices to maintaining a Compliant Network Marketing company in today’s volatile regulatory times.

For years, Donna Marie has worked with numerous, well recognized Network Marketing Expert Attorneys throughout the country. She was a contributing author of two chapters in the book, “Build it Big – 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts”

Donna Marie serves on the faculty of the Direct Selling Edge (www.directsellingedge.com). The Direct Selling Edge Conference is a two-day school for new and established Network Marketing, and party plan Direct Selling companies. Donna Marie provides education on the best practices for Compliance Department Management. The conference features leading Network Marketing Attorneys, Kevin Thompson, and Kevin Grimes of Thompson Burton.

Donna Marie has a passion for teaching people about the many benefits of having a home-based business and why Network Marketing is the best choice.

Donna Marie has offices in Las Vegas, NV, Chicago, IL, and Orlando, FL.

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