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MLM Mastermind

MLM Mastermind

From food stamps to visiting 81 countries and creating a true Network Marketing lifestyle. As one of the new breed of Network Marketing stars, Art Jonak has one of the “feel good” stories that keeps the dream alive for many. Twenty years ago he had to count on food stamps to buy baby food for his newborn daughter. In his quest to get out of debt, he worked two jobs and delivered pizzas at night. His relationships were horrible. Every aspect of his life was spiraling downward. Fast. So he joined Network Marketing... And like a lot of people, for the first few years of his network marketing career, he struggled mightily. But he never gave up... Art became an avid student of the profession. He read Network Marketing books, listened to audio programs, and attended every event he could. He began a program of regular self-development and spent time with successful Network Marketers whenever he could. In other words, he did all of the things your sponsorship line has been telling you to do. So what happened? Today Art Jonak's blessed with a fast growing high-retention organization that generates millions of dollars in sales per month, a prospering bank account, and a wonderful lifestyle... a true Network Marketing lifestyle. He masterminds with the world's top Network Marketing and Direct Sales leaders and has invaluable insights to building your business bigger, faster, stronger and long-term. He has travelled to 81 countries, has built an organization with distributors in many of those countries... and continues to help others reach significant leadership positions and income levels in the business. The Mastermind Event agenda is packed with keynotes, master classes, concurrent sessions, all specific to network marketing delivered by active network marketers who are at the top of their game. Each session is dedicated to helping your network marketing business succeed. Best of all, sessions are completely focused on content, which means as always, no back-end pitches.

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