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Party Plan Solutions

Party Plan Solutions

Party Plan Solutions is a software development and business consulting firm dedicated exclusively to serving direct selling companies who market their products and services through home parties. We believe the culture and business requirements of direct selling party plan companies are unique. Therefore, we focus the products and services we provide on meeting the needs of party plan companies exclusively. We are guided by our commitment to the success of our clients and believe in adding value to everything we do.

Our Direct Selling Party Plan Software Products

Integral, our flagship Party Plan software product, is a web-based platform that includes a series of fully integrated modules for corporate back office, field sales force tools and personal websites. Our ongoing research and development efforts incorporate new technologies and features into our products on a regular basis. Our products are engineered to be backward compatible and all clients are upgraded free of charge without disruption to their business.


We can help your company in all areas of your business, such as: Sales, executive management, marketing, IT and operations. Our diverse experience allows us to help our direct selling clients at all levels of business. We think and work strategically and tactically. This means that we not only know what to do, we know how to do it.

Companies New to Party Plan

Companies considering party plan as a method of selling their products and services should examine whether their product or service fits within the structure of the industry. Our team can help by evaluating your concept and providing you with a frank and objective assessment of your opportunities.

Only experience will help you understand what is involved in launching a new direct selling business, and if the decision is made to move forward, you can get help developing a sound business plan, actionable strategies and executable tactics for your ultimate success.Some of our direct selling services:

  • Proof of Concept Business
  • Business Plan Development
  • Start up Strategies
  • Product line selection and positioning
  • Evaluation and Recommendation of Key Personnel

  • Other
  • Management
  • Distributor Tracking/Genealogy
  • Web Site Design
  • Company Web Sites
  • Compensation Plan Software
7124 Salem Fields Blvd PMB #114, Fredericksburg, Alberta 22407-2509, United States
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