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Captain Dave

Captain Dave

www.LinkedIN.com/in/IcanINCREASEyourSALES .. Your "insider" knowledge could earn a special person a 6-figure income for LIFE with your referral !

Our Veteran/Older/very experienced Direct Sales Leadership Group seeks to RE-BUILD one last ... Failing /Flat NWMing Company

We will review only MLM Operations with DECLINING SALES each month that are potential candidates for us to: Partner-with - Merge - Buy - (or form some kind of Alliance)

- we will investigate the company for it's flaws .. diagnose it's weaknesses .. then "RE-DESIGN" the operation making the required improvements that are holding the Company back from Growing .. we will adjust the product-mix... ADD World-Class Training.. edit the comp plan as necessary to help the "normal-mortal" distributor.. we will also dramatically improve the: Customer Service Dept.. all the Sales Tools.. the Web Presence .. and create a super-brilliant mega-amazing Company STORYLINE .. we will add a simple Lead-Generation / Closing System that is Duplicateable ... and then REBUILD / GROW SALES to $5-10-20M/month this decade....

- we do not seek Consulting work (although a few very special projects do slip through)

- we do not seek more than ONE Unique Operation to Save / Rejuvenate

- we prefer Wellness - but are open-minded to other themes

- we prefer uni-level .. but are open-minded to other comp plans

note: we do NOT need to work, so we are not in a hurry - and do not seek to do this project for just financial gain...

- we only seek to LEAVE ONE LAST POSITIVE LEGACY by Building this DS Co. to perhaps $30M/mo+ and helping millions find Health-Wellness AND having a real oppty to Succeed at their Home-Based Business with: a Distributor-Friendly Company with FAIRLY-Priced Products - with outstanding therapeutic-doses of brilliant ingredients - that doesn't just pay the Big Shot Distr's but rewards the normal member.. and POSITIVELY changes our members lives with better health/wealth

so what are you waiting for ....... introduce us TODAY ... and lets get started HELPING MILLIONS and Saving 1 Special Operation ...

www.LinkedI.com/in/IcnINCREASEyourSALES PLS10@Hotmail.com

======================= ========================


#1 - DK is blessed to have contributed over $458 Million in Record-Breaking Sales to the Direct Sales Industry..

- Honored to have his name on the Cover-Title of 12 Books/Tapes/Seminars..

- former: Radio Talk Show co-host.. Columnist in #1 Industry Publication..

- Dave's Award Winning Training Tools were installed in 5 huge ($250M/per yr) co's ...like: Rexall - Enrich - Freelife - Arbonne - QUORUM .. plus MANY smaller firms..

- Proud to have built 6 huge Global Membership Groups..

- Expert at SAVING WEAK-Failing Operations (DK does his Diagnosis to find issues holding the Co. back .. then Re-Designing the Operation.. then Re-Building/Re-Launching and Growing Sales to $100-$300M/year)

- former: Professional Airline Captain 1st career

- HE IS NOW SEEKING to either: 1- find 1 last Leadership Consulting position.. 2- launch a NEW Co... 3- Redesign -Rebuild - Save 1 Weak-Failing Company.. 4- KEEP DOING his World-Class TRAINING SEMINAR WORKSHOPS.. 5- be the Master Distributor / VP Sales-Mktg or? in one special D S operation ...

a Lifetime TEACHING others how to reach their Personal and Business Dreams - Goals ...

============== MLM Co OWNERS =====================

- Direct Sales LEADERS and Company Owners please VISIT www.PowerLineSystems.webs.com and Linkedin.com/in/IcanINCREASEyourSALES to find out how DK can help you GROW GROSS Co Sales to $5M / $10M / $25M / month ...

========== his Award - Winning Training Tools ================

- Direct Sale Distributors please VISIT www.DavidKlayor.webs.com .... DK specializes in "SKILL SET" training = ALL THE "HOW TO;s" ... like:

- Sponsoring 10 people in 10 days - Retiring in 3-5 yrs... - earning a 6-Figure f/t Income - $3k/mo p/t - learn how to PAY OFF ALL YOUR DEBTS in 2-3yrs

- learn how to drive a FREE CAR and build your DREAM HOUSE ! - go on FREE Vacations - and get your profile in your Company Magazine - Stop communting and setting your alarm clock working for others - tax benefits of owning your own business...

- DK has taught tens of thousands of students in 20 countries... worked with the BEST of the BEST - honored to call many his friend - knows more MLM top top top leaders than most in the world - and helps others reach their FULL POTENTIAL ...

- Dave loves HELPING OTHERS - teaching - assisting MLMer's in reaching their aspirations ! and Rod and Marcy are the BEST for sharing this - good people ;-)

www.linkedin.com/in/IcanIncreaseYourSales = read his profile to understand how he can HELP YOU achieve your dreams

www.facebook.com/CaptainDave2010 = "friend" DK now as the best way to communicate + (tons of historical BIO data there)

- email him at PLS10@hotmail.com

- Specializing in: Launching NEW start-up's.. FIXING Broken Co's.. Business Building-Revenue Growth Strategies.. Increasing your Stock Value.. Boost Retention.. Defend our Clients from Raiding.. Defeat your Competitors.. Arbitration thru Frictionless Agreements..

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P.O. Box 2747, Lake Arrowhead, California 92352, United States
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