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Joan Robison Partners, LLC

Joan Robison Partners, LLC

Joan Robison started her direct sales career nearly 20 years ago with a company business kit and fears that seemed bigger than her desire to succeed. Her authentic nature and drive to succeed in helping more people is what she calls her “secret sauce.”

With a winning combination of being a top leader in the field and leading many top corporate sales teams, Joan has empowered multiple leaders to develop six figure incomes by supporting them to create more time, freedom, and opportunities to make a difference. Building a team of over 4,000 entrepreneurs and developing multiple leaders to a 6 figure-income has earned Joan numerous awards of distinction that recognized excellence in Sales, Recruiting and Leadership development.

On the corporate end of direct sales, Joan has partnered with companies ranging from seasoned to start-up. She has created customized training and has lead many company initiatives to roll out new programs. She assesses the needs of her clients while working with them to produce actionable results.

Joan is a high-energy keynote speaker who will tailor trainings for audiences ranging from small groups to thousands of attendees at both National and Regional events. Her unique combination of inspiration, humor and results driven content gives her the ability to connect from stage to audience. Attendees will feel like they just had a one-on-one experience!

Currently, she has taken what she says her third and final run in the field and in a little over one year risen to the top of her company and with over 2.5 million in sales serving over 1000 new direct sellers.

Joan lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her son Miles. She is an avid mountain climber and enjoys yoga.

Joan Robison Partners, LLC is a training and consulting firm with expertise in field training and leadership development. Joan partners with direct selling companies to create increases in sales,

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