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Lisa Torres

Lisa Torres

Hey there….welcome to my website. I started this online network marketing journey back in 2007 when I got laid off of my corporate job.

I was working for the compliance department as a ‘New Accounts Officer’ for a Canadian Bank in New York, NY. At the time, I was living in The Bronx in a tight 2 bedroom apartment with my husband and our 5 year old little girl and I was making $55,000 per year.

I was at that job for 3 years giving them my blood, sweat and tears. But I can tell you this….I hated every waking moment in that place. Waking up every day at 6am. Taking orders from a ‘boss’ I couldn’t stand.

Traveling to and from work for an hour and a half each way on the Express bus. I spent about 3 hours a day stuck in traffic. What a way to live your life right? And missing my family.

I was getting home late at night (around 8pm est) When I got laid off, it was the best day of my life. That was the day that I made a decision never to go back to a job or work for anyone else ever again.

I had been in the Network Marketing industry for about 18 years at that time….failing miserably over and over again. I didn’t know how I was going to make a full time income, but I knew that I was going to figure it out…no matter what.

At the time, I was collecting unemployment and got lucky to get an extension for 2 years so I basically lived off of that. But, within those 2 years I was up day and night trying to build a full time income online.

And you know what happened when that unemployment check ran out? I was making a residual income of $1,800 (which was $600 more than unemployment).

So I was struggling still…however, I WAS FREE from the slavery model and that is all that really mattered to me. Remember, I made a decision to figure it out and never go back to work again.

And so I did! And I never worked another job again. As the years went by my income was always fluctuating. Then at the end of 2012, I found myself still living in that tight 2 bedroom apartment (that I had been living in for 35 years with my mom who died of cancer when I was 17 – so I have been on my own since then) and being 3 months backed up in rent with $150 to our name and $27 in the bank account.

I was stressed and struggling in my network marketing business. For whatever reason, I just could not get an income breakthrough…. Until I aligned myself with an awesome Mentor who showed me how to create leverage.

Then something magical happened. I’ll share the rest of the story in this video: I’m in a place right now of BLISS and HAPPINESS and I would not change my life or my journey or my struggles that I have been through for the world.

Now my passion is helping other network marketers create breakthroughs and get results inside of their business so they can create an income to create freedom in their life as well. I started The Victory Tribe for dedicated entrepreneurs who want to claw and fight through all adversity so that they may know victory for themselves, their families and generations to come. I invite you to be a part of that!

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