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McAuliffe Group

McAuliffe Group

Mark McAuliffe is a highly sought after Speaker, Teacher, and Coach. He has worked with some of the masters of the personal development and leadership field as John Maxwell, Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Dave Ramsey, Les Brown, Paul Martinelli, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Tony Robbins. He believes in your True Potential, and the Power of You! Mark has a passion for helping people. He is a master at helping his coaching clients identify limiting beliefs, and roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their desired results. Known for his no-nonsense, entertaining and straight forward style he helps his clients get crystal clear on their vision, connect with their true potential, and break through their limiting beliefs. He has helped people of all ages and backgrounds, from youth to CEOs, move from wishing and hoping to taking action and achieving. You already posses everything you need, you just need to connect to it. Mark has been a life long student of self-development, leadership, and human potential. Thanks to key teachers, coaches and spiritual mentors Mark applied these principles and was able to break through many limiting beliefs established in his youth. His quick rise to executive leadership roles with some of the top 10 most admired and largest Fortune 100 companies, are examples of the power of putting these principles to work. It wasn’t until he suffered a life-threatening accident that Mark acknowledged that even though he had achieved much success, there was still something missing. His vision and goals were centered on his career and money. His limiting beliefs had led Mark to boast and live an out-of-balance "Work Hard, Play Hard" lifestyle. He realized the life he had created was sabotaging the life he truly desired. It was then that he began to apply these principles to all aspects of his life. It was then that he became aware of his true potential, purpose and significance. Mark’s desire to help and develop others led him to found The McAuliffe Group, his own coaching, training, and speaking agency. Mark is spreading the word about Living life Full out, the Reaching Your True Potential, Leadership and Possibility. He helps you connect to your true potential, unleashing your power, the courage to create the life you always wanted, and living a life of Success AND Significance. His message combined with his real life experiences, and wisdom connects with individuals, and groups from all ages and backgrounds. His life-transforming message and coaching are available through seminars, webinars, keynote speeches, one on one and group coaching. Mark lives in Kearney, Missouri with his wife, Ivy, and his 2 children, Lily and Tommy. Proof that the biggest obstacle in the pursuit of your dream, is you!

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P O Box 1120, Liberty, Missouri 64069, United States
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