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Headquartered in Sacramento, California and founded in 2004, Scamdex wants to Educate Internet Users about the evil people, who try ever more ingenious ways to steal their Identity and Money.

Many organizations do not have clear, concise scam and phishing reporting instructions. They hide behind the small print that warns people not to fall for scams but then fail to have a customer-driven reporting system so that scams (such as fake websites) continue much longer than they need to.

We report on ways in which Web Services such as Free Email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo), Chat (AIM, ICQ, Skype), Social Networking (YouTube, MySpace etc) and Auctions sites (eBay, Yahoo, CraigsList) are (ab)used by scammers to defraud citizens world-wide, billions of dollars annually. We use many web services to identify, investigate, analyse and report on email scams we get - our aim is to get the Search Engines to pick up new scam emails as soon as they arrive so that sceptical people can 'find' the information on Scamdex when they are trying to find clues as to a scam's authenticity. We are proud to say that many people have been helped in this way by Scamdex!

Scamdex is the leading free repository of world-wide scam emails and is supported entirely by advertising. We mainly use 'Google Adsense' as we have found in the past that some other ad-serving companies actually include advertisers who are themselves scammers!

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