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MLM Woman Newsletter

MLM Woman Newsletter

Welcome to my web site! I'm Linda Locke, the editor/publisher of MLM Woman, a newsletter I started publishing in April 1995. The newsletter began its life as an electronic newsletter, which I shared with other women in MLM I had meet and networked with on AOL. The original newsletter proved so popular that I decided to start publishing MLM Woman on a regular basis on the Internet where I could reach and help a larger national and international audience. Since then, the MLM Woman web site has grown to its current content and I strive to constantly improve the site and add new features. In my online newsletters, no one will tell you that building a successful MLM business is easy it takes hard work, creativity, persistence, and talent but by sharing the nitty gritty aspects of how to build a business and offering new techniques that take into account the strengths of women in this business, we can help you achieve the success you deserve. Who are our readers? Our readers are part-time network marketers facing the challenges of limited time and often limited funds; full-time MLM'ers who are aggressively working towards their goals of financial freedom; and newcomers to the industry that are starting out smart by following the footsteps of the successful network marketers who have gone before them. As a certified information junkie, I constantly search the online services and the Internet as well as other sources to make sure I can bring you the best tips, techniques and business building information that I can find to share with you. I sincerely hope you enjoy and benefit from the information on our MLM Woman web site. Please come back and visit us often!

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